Thursday, December 24, 2009


Went to town for a short walk and we ended up shooting all the reindeers that we saw along orchard road. it was fun, fun and FUN!! =D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gloomy Weekend

It's Tuesday and I'm thinking back on what happened over the weekends.
The only word I can use was HORRENDOUS!!

First, Zeng Yuan organised KTV and didn't turn up leaving me and Yong Jie thinking that he'll be reaching hour after hour. The worst part was that when we ended everything, he didnt want to pick up our call!! Totally pissed, didnt wanna talk to him at all thou he asked for another KTV session. My point was that he should learn from it as we made time for him and he did this to us. Not going to delicate time just because he wants it that way. LOl. Yes.. I may be petty but he ought to learn that not everyone is so free for him to be played out.

Next, Lala didnt something really wrong and instead of feeling sorry for her actions, she got really defensive. sigh. My this sista really have a mind of her own and can be really stubborn at times. I am just hoping that time will make her more mature as it ticks slowly.

Lastly, the top level manager passed away all of a sudden. Nothing much to comment. =( Sent him off on Monday.

The only happy thing was that I so enjoyed seeing children so facinated with bubbles. They were running towards the guy who was creating the bubbles, jumping up and down trying to catch the bubbles. Its just so nice being a kid, having such fun. I kinda miss my childhood days. Please bring me back to my childhood days...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Broadway Beng

Watched Broadway Beng at the Esplanade.
I have to declare that I finally got to watch this musical with my friends.
Always wanted to watch it with Shaun but the day never come.
I totally enjoyed the musical and the proposal was really something so fairytale, so sweet that every girl will say yes to it.

Not sure why these days I'm feeling odd.
Like the fireworks at Vivo, it just feels so whimsical.
It might be due to the ignorance of the fireworks display on that day.
In the past, I used to watch fireworks display knowing the details and have never really appreciated the effort of getting myself there with someone that I loved.
Was standing really close to the firing platform and the feeling was completely different.
I teared while watching it, thinking of the past. =(

Sad memories are the worst things in my life but I just can't seem to get rid of it.
Worst of all, sad memories are the ones that hit most and happy ones are always forgotten very quickly.
Will just have to load myself with loads of happy memories that I can keep and remember forever.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My New Toy!

Finally bought myself a camera.
This time, I will try not to lose my camera again.
Went to Sitex to try out the Canon G11 but decided on Panasonic Lumix LX3. =P
Comparing the lens, size and weight, LX is on the upper hand.
One thing that I like about G11 is the extended screen.

Brought Ody to AMK Hub after his training for my camera. =)
He was totally a chick magnet.
The showgirls were so amazed by his good behaviour when I put him on the chair, he did not jump off the chair but sat there patiently waiting for me.
Those girls do not know that Ody is undergoing a series of tough training to attain such 'good' behaviour.
Now, I gotta work on Zaedy!
He's totally hopeless!! =X

Was so excited that I dig Prissy and YY up from bed after the batteries are fully charged.
We walked the dogs to Yishun Park instead of the intended, Bottle Tree Park, due to the rain.
Enjoyed ourselves very much! :)
Prissy and YY played like they were still a lil kid.. haha.
Photos posted on FB

Here are some pictures that I took when I was out with Mummy and Lala. =D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Have been feeling really emotional these days and I believe it is due to HORMONES! -dread-
Been pouring all my sorrows to the lil bunny and it is really nice and kind of him despite all the presentations that he needs to prepare and yada yada. =D
Thanks so much bunny.

Monday, November 16, 2009

First Love?

Impromptu thought that came to my mind.

These days, do you still see or hear friends or people around you saying that he is my first love and I am his too, and we are getting married.
This may sound so cliche but I have seen and encountered people like this.
I really envy them as they are really contented with what they have and of course, know that that is the right one before proceeding into a relationship.
They might not even know how does it feel being heartbroken.

As for those who have been in and out of a relationship, like me, they became really jaded, or is it only me?
I find that after each relationship, you will learn to understand yourself more and see more flaws of a man.
Flaws that can be really destructive in a way.
I have been really afraid of my partner lying and feeling really insecure no matter what.
In turn, I have learnt to live in delusion and not want to bother about what is more than me and him as I have the perspective whereby the more I know, the more I will hurt.
There are just too many things deep down in me that I have not mentioned to anyone.
So much that I find it really hard to continue in a relationship.
So much that caused loads of quarrels and unhappy moments.
So much that I draw a wall between both.
So much that I do not think that going into a relationship is a right choice in any circumstances.
I totally understand that fairytale stories are never true after so many heartbreaks.
But I do believe that true love exists, perhaps just not for me. =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Albert Einstein Quotes

Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not.

Why will women marry men hoping that they will change?
Wouldn't they marry the perfect one instead of carrying these kinda hopes till they finally give up?
In a very naive way of thinking what love is, accept the flaws..
How many couples can actually do this?

Why men hope that their women will not change?
Looks? Attitude? Naggings?

In short, love is just being very practical!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Me can make nice Tiramisu!!
Tried making some with the instant mix that I bought from Muji.
How wrong can you go about with instant mix?
So after watching the Chl 8 show which I so happened was watching, I realised that it is just so easy to make them.
Did some further research online and found this really good video..
With the help of the cake mixer that my lovely colleagues bought me as a birthday gift, I used it to whip the cream and it turn out LOVELY!! (no need to manually whip for ages just to get it fluffy)
Did all that I need to and tada, a nice and delicious Tiramisu (with no alcohol thou)..
Will be serving them to my pals when they come over for steamboat on Saturday!
I'm so proud of myself!! =)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Men are totally shallow creatures and need their ego constantly stroked!!
On the other hand, Women are materialistic bitches!!

What have gone wrong in life?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eve of 23rd

These days, I will do some self-reflections daily.
Most of the time it's when I'm travelling on my way to work or back home.
I'll think of all the things that I've done before and plan for the future.
I think this did help a lot as it made me realise what I have done wrong in the past (includes the current day) and will try to correct them within my means.
In addition, it gave me a clearer picture of how and what I want in my life.
I am really glad that I am still alive to experience these events that is happening around me. :)

I remembered one incident when Jasmine made fun of me when we were much younger.
She did make me blush.
And making me blush is so so simple.
It was really a very very funny experience and then we were all very innocent. :)
This thing I regretted a lot is to drift away from them totally. sigh.
And after given so many chances, I still did the same. :(
I always put LOVE in first priority and now, thinking back it is really so not a single tad bit worth it.
Whatever it is, it is history.
Now it is me putting in all the effort to mend this broken bridge back.
I believe I can do it.
Please trust me that this bridge will not break anymore and stronger as time goes by.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I used to be crying a lot day and night.
I thought of ending my life.
I stopped eating.
I just can't sleep.
Now, I am willing to let my blog readers know how weak a person I am.
I used to put a very strong front and not let others know the soft and weak side of me.
But now, I think there is no point hiding everything, keeping all my feelings to myself which in turn makes me even weaker.
Thanks Gabs for the wake up call!!
Without that, I think I will still be the miserable one. =)

I realised that I even seek solace from God.
I mean when you are really so down and need someone to provide guidance, He is the one who will stand by you without fail.
He will forgive you for all your wrongs and embrace you with all He can.
I know this sound really funny coming from me but it is really true.
By the way, I am not a Christian as many of my friends mistaken me for one.
In General, all religions teach you to be good!

Signed up for the 16km Mizuno run and I managed to complete it.
Mum was really proud of me too. :)
The hardest part of the run is the never ending slopes!
Anyway, will have to keep up with this and prepare for more runs in future. =)
People who are reading this, if you want to have a really slow jogger please ask me out for jogs.. =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Updates of my Singlehood

Time is what I seriously need. I'm fine and good and is enjoying my days, rather carefree and I've decided to direct all my time to guitar, Ody and lastly work. :)

I've made up my mind to work harder to get myself converted from a contract to a perm. Need loads of hard work but I'll do it without fail. Just hope that nothing will go wrong and I'll get what I want. FOCUS is all that I need.

Friday, August 7, 2009


It has been so long till I finally appreciate food. :)
I haven't had food for weeks in fact.
Great thanks to those that were there for me when I was really down..
I had great time with you guys talking sense to me..
I'm still on my way on recovery but I'll stay strong and move on.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

7 Things

Lyrics | Miley Cyrus lyrics - 7 Things lyrics

Think this is a great song to listen when you're trying to move on in life after a break up.. :)
And I'm now SINGLE!! I totally love it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Impromtu meetup

Was out with the SGNorth peeps for dinner last evening.
Didnt eat much due to loss of appetite. Think I'm going into some eating disorder soon.
Had a great time with them.
This time not talking about dogs but serial killings and some crime psychology.

Saw Qianni at NorthPoint.
Happily married and just gotta know that she's staying in Yishun.
Wonder if she's pregnant.
The dress that she's in kinda make me think that way. hmm...
Anyway, I'm happy for her. :)
Still as pretty as ever, the ger that has flawless complexion without makeup.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Monday, July 27, 2009

Daily Readings

I'm referring to horoscope and tarot readings that I subscribed.
I kinda hate it because it was so true when I take all of it so lightly.
I've been noticing that and started to act according to it but it just failed.
How much must I believe in it?
I need 'ears' and loads of that.. Anyone willing to spare me theirs?

Just for laughs - Men

1. Men are like
They irritate the crap out of you.

2. Men are like.
The older they get, the less firm they are.

3. Men are like
Nothing can be done to change them.

4.Men are like
You need One, but you're not quite sure why.

5.Men are like
Chocolate Bars
Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips.

6. Men are like
You can't believe a word they say.

7.Men are like
Department Stores
Their clothes are always 1/2 off!

8. Men are like
Government Bonds
.. They take soooooooo long to mature.

9. Men are like
They usually run at the first sign of emotion.

Men are like
They satisfy you, but only for a little while.

11. Men are like
You never know when they're coming, how many inches you'll get or how long it will last.

12. Men are like
Lava Lamps
Fun to look at, but not very bright.

13. Men are like
Parking Spots
All the good ones are taken, the rest are handicapped.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Back

Went to Inner Mongolia and Gansu for a holiday.
The weather was terrible and food was very oily.
But overall, it's kinda fun and informative.
Visited loads of grottoes, Mogao Grottoes is one of them, around the area and it was really an eye-opener.
Can't imagine how people in the ancient days are able to complete such murals and sculptures using mud and wood.
Most amazingly, the colours for most of the murals and sculptures are still very vibrant especially those which was mixed with powdered gem stones like turquoise and ruby.

Other than grottoes visiting, I did rode on both a horse and camel.
First time doing it and I pretty enjoy the rides.
We were laughing at the actions and behaviours of the horses especially the one that mum rode on.
It was practically farting the journey and at some point of the journey, I was behind it.

On the last day, I was suffering from a serious diarrhea and just can't stop running into the toilet.
Ate loads of various medication to stop it but not working at all.
Adding on to this, our flight back to SG was delayed for 5 hours.
This means that I'm 5 hours late from home and I suffered for another 5 hours in a foreign land before being able to get myself to the clinic.
Now, I'm feeling very much better but not totally.

Anyway, I have a new want, the BlackBird Fly Camera.
Thou its not really practical but I think it's really nice to own one.. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

- The Bible : 1 Corinthians -

Love bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tarot Reading

June 23, 2009
Here's your Tarot Reading for today, Pamela:

Love Touchstone Career

The Lovers The Tower Death
Today | This Week
In your love life, try to leave the hatchet buried today, dear Pamela! Bear in mind that the combined influence of the Tower and the Lovers are bound to put you in a tense emotional frame of mind, with an explosive mix of doubts and aggression. You may have self-doubts, but keep in mind that this is no reason to also doubt your significant other. Try to avoid the conflicts that can so easily arise from all these misunderstandings. In these rather difficult circumstances, the possibility of a separation or a breakup - even if it does not last for long - cannot be totally excluded... In your professional life, it is as though an earthquake was making the walls of your office tremble . The combination of Death and the Tower indicates the end of a mission or of a contract - both of which will leave you with an empty feeling. But, hey, don't let this get you down. Get a grip on yourself, go see your boss and either he'll have a new project for you, or you can propose something you've been wanting to do.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paranoma 2009

Met up with my ah neh sista and Gladys for Paranoma at Esplanade. :) As usual, we gossiped a little about the people around and had dinner at Thai Express thereafter. The concert was not really splendid but thinking that it is performed by JC students, they did really a great job. I totally enjoyed myself.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Calories Watch

Calories - Bah Kut Teh, Buffet @ Inter-Continental, Astons, Crabs.
This is a hell load of calories for 4 evenings straight in a row.
Gotta think of how to lose them. (it's going to be exercise and more exercise)

Had a mini birthday celebration for Angela

Went to a park to get some photo shoots with Ade and Vic and of course the dogs. :)
Just can't wait to see the photos.

Us at the park with the guys as photographer

Bear, Vic and I are going on a trip to Mt Ophir this weekend.
The thought of walking up to the summit to catch the sunrise is making me so enthusiastic.
I can't wait for weekend to come!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bloom, Blooming, Bloomed

This is what I took from my window. :)
It just make my day looking at them.
I would be even better if I wake up with flowers surrounding me.. (dream on)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Intellectual Games

I think we all know the rules of the game when it comes to 'Hunting for the right one'.
First thing foremost, do not try hitting on girls that are attached.
Though the girl might be trying to hide her relationship status, once know about it, should just back off and start casting again.
Right morals are one of the factor that impress anyone.

Next, guys should not be too pushy in wanting to meet his objectives.
Like wanting to meet the girl and just appear at her doorstep.
I think it may work for perhaps once or twice but not all the time.
If it ever happens to me, I will feel so obliged.
In another words, do less and the attraction factor will come into play as the other party will think why is he/she not a tad bit interested in me.

Lastly, playing hard to get may work but too much will kill too.
By creating that sense of mystery, unfamiliarity, and the thrill of the chase end up becoming too elusive that the other person assumes they’re not interested or the other person after a while gets tired, gives up and moves on.


Bear and I have talked about the above and I am really impressed with all his answers.
He gives me the sense of security and hows me how much this relationship means to him.
We both agree that I am really weak at rejecting others and will learn to work on that. (:
Lastly, personally thinks that those who have yet watch the movie, He's just not into you, should really go catch them. (DVDs or leech from somewhere.. You know what I mean)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Worn Out

This weekend was terrible.
Feeling so lethargic forever but just can't get enough sleep.
Went mosquito feeding at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve but managed to catch a glimpse of the setting sun. :)
Next, was at SKC for a short while and had to leave due to work. darn
When I got home, issue was resolved. FUCK!!
Ended up at USDB buying a mini cake for Ody to celebrate his barkday!
Mahjong till late and I'm like a walking zombie now~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've just divorced my Braces and remarry Retainers. :P
Feeling really happy now but I kinda have a tad bit of withdrawal.
It kinda feel weird to smile now.
Just not used to it I think.
Will be collecting my hubby Retainers next week.
Can't wait to see my hubby.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Deciding Factor

There was once Prissy threw me this question, "How long have you known Bear before both start dating?"
Obviously, we haven't know each other for a long period of time.
Next question she asked was, "What made you so sure that he is the one for you at that moment of time?"
Me? Totally speechless.
So I asked Bear the exact same question and i got nothing from it.
I am not sure is it whether he do not wish to answer or he has no answer for it.

Now if you were to ask if I have regretted going into a relationship with him, I will say, "NO!"
He is the one that pampers me a lot, taught me loads of morals and yada yada.
I have never apologised to my mum after throwing tantrum ever in my life but after knowing Bear, I actually did it and with a hug.
And I believe that mum was really amazed and touched.

Next will be our future.
Will we be together till we age and leave the world?
Or will me just leave when time is up?
Seriously, both of us do not know what the future might hold.

Lastly, I have to announce to all that today is our 21st monthsary. :)
I love my Bear loads and seriously LOADS.
Just bare with me being so mushy~

Monday, April 27, 2009


Haven't touched this blog for a long time I supposed.
1st news to road users, watch out for me on the road!!
I've passed my Traffic Police Driving Test with 18 demerit points.
Drove Bear's bluey to AMK Hub at tortoise speed. LAUGHS!
Most importantly, Bear survived the ride!

2ndly, I've went to Korea and is back BROKE!!
Bought darn load of stuff for Prissy. (shoes, pens, clothes and yada yada)
Enjoyed the temperature and FOOD there!!
Will definitely go there again if I can. :)

3rdly, Ody is turning 2!
Time flies really fast when we are unaware of it.
He's so much more well behaved compared to before but he's far to ALPHA!!
He is no longer submissive and doesn't like to be pawed either.
This has to be corrected else he'll be getting into dog fights..

P/S: Have uploaded photos on my trip to Korea in Facebook. Do view it from there. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I seriously have to stand up for myself cos it sucks being pushed over by others.
Personally, I think I'm really not fit to do business.
I can just give up my profits just because my partner mentioned something and I'll give in to it though it's not the actual intended.
It's not the first time and I'm repeating it all over again.
This sucks to the coree~
Will never do anything with her again!!
I'll have my own profit and she'll have hers.

I'm really hoping that others projects will work. :)
No more 'Roti-Prata-ing' of words!! :P

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

In less than 24 hours I'll be in a foreign land.
A land whereby citizens don't usually speak English.
A land whereby loads of shopping can be done. :)
And people with LOADS of common sense will know that Bear's free for the week!!
He's available for anything and everything.
Ody will be with his Godpawrents, Ade and Vic, having the company of Cobi.
No more 'annoying' lil cutie, Zaedy boy.
No more choking on his golden fur that sheds like crazy. :P
As for mummy, she's all good with her other 3 precious daughter. :)

Guitar Lessons

Now I totally understand the pain that all musicians have to go through.
My fingers are totally aching after my first guitar lesson last evening.
It kinda feel blistered and I just can't seem to get the chords rite.
Kinda pissed with myself but the Instructor was saying that it'll be alright. -.-
From the bottom of my heart, I FINALLY TOOK UP MY GUITAR LESSON!!
Been having this thought and finally took the first step together with Bear.
Sustaining a relationship in Singapore is really hard, nothing much can be done and we thought of picking up guitar. Another skills I suppose. :P
Am looking forward to my next guitar lesson.
Till then...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Smoking Kills

I think many people do not realise how does smoking actually kills.
I've been through losing someone who is killed due to smoking and the feeling sucks.
To many, they will think that I'll die no matter what, so why not just smoke and live with it?
The most selfish fact is that passive smokers will be impacted too, which means friends and family members who are NON-SMOKERS will have to face the fact of having cancer.

Short overview of how smoking harms

Why people smoke?
Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to break. Scientists estimate that cigarettes are more addictive than cocaine, heroin, or alcohol. According to the World Health Organization, smoking kills more people than any disease in the world. With all this information readily available, why do people continue to smoke?

Nicotine is a high addictive drug that makes one feel alert and energize thus most people who started are unable to stop. Smokers feel high after a cigarette, and quitting leads to withdrawal symptoms that include difficulty sleeping and cravings. Seventy percent of people who quit smoking eventually start again.

Tobacco advertising also has a big influence on why people smoke. For years, smoking has been made glamorous through movies, television, and billboards. Now, though cigarette advertising is controlled, its influence can still be felt in the form of free samples, smoking cartoons, and the promise of cool merchandise that can be obtained in exchange for coupons printed on cigarette packs. In addition, smoking reduces the sense of taste thus claim that smoking keeps them thin. Whereas, the fact is they do not enjoy food as much.

Psychological dependency is one of the reasons why people smoke. Smoking helps to relax and cope with difficult situations, or because it gives them more confidence and a feeling of satisfaction. Others smoke due to boredom. Finally, people who smoke are usually in denial – they are aware of the effects of smoking yet choose to continue as it does not seem that bad.

Smoking is a social activity as well. Many people who smoke do so as a way to start conversations and interact at parties or in crowded places. This is known as "social smoking," and it usually involves alcohol as a complement.

Many teenagers start smoking due to peer pressure. They may also smoke to feel more mature or as a form of rebellion against parental authority. It has been proved that children are also more likely to smoke if their parents do.

Effects of Tobacco Smoke

  • Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world die from diseases caused by smoking.

  • One in two lifetime smokers will die from their habit. Half of these deaths will occur in middle age.

  • Tobacco smoke also contributes to a number of cancers.

  • The mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide in each cigarette you smoke temporarily increases your heart rate and blood pressure, straining your heart and blood vessels.

  • This can cause heart attacks and stroke. It slows your blood flow, cutting off oxygen to your feet and hands. Some smokers end up having their limbs amputated.

  • Tar coats your lungs like soot in a chimney and causes cancer. A 20-a-day smoker breathes in up to a full cup (210 g) of tar in a year. Changing to low-tar cigarettes does not help because smokers usually take deeper puffs and hold the smoke in for longer, dragging the tar deeper into their lungs.

  • Carbon monoxide robs your muscles, brain and body tissue of oxygen, making your whole body and especially your heart work harder. Over time, your airways swell up and let less air into your lungs.

  • Smoking causes disease and is a slow way to die. The strain put on your body by smoking often causes years of suffering. Emphysema is an illness that slowly rots your lungs. People with emphysema often get bronchitis again and again, and suffer lung and heart failure.

  • Lung cancer from smoking is caused by the tar in tobacco smoke. Men who smoke are ten times more likely to die from lung cancer than non-smokers.

  • Heart disease and strokes are also more common among smokers than non-smokers.

  • Smoking causes fat deposits to narrow and block blood vessels which leads to heart attack.

  • Smoking causes around one in five deaths from heart disease.

  • In younger people, three out of four deaths from heart disease are due to smoking.

Effects of 2nd Hand smoke
Passive smoking occurs when the exhaled and ambient smoke from one person's cigarette is inhaled by other people. Non-smokers exposed to second hand smoke are at greater risk for many of the health problems associated with direct smoking.

Non-smokers living with smokers have about a 25 per cent increase in risk of death from heart attack and are also more likely to suffer a stroke, and some research suggests that risks to non-smokers may be even greater than this estimate.

Passive smoking is especially risky for children and babies and can cause low birth weight babies, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), bronchitis, pneumonia, and middle ear infections.

Do treasure your life and the people around you.
Your health is what you introduce, how you maintain it.
So make your decision wisely.












i'm fucking pissed with everything!!
not sure why but yes!!
any teeny weeny things is just getting up on my nerves
fuck my emotions, fuck the roller coaster mood swings, fuck the fact that life is fucking unfair.
my life is so fucked up!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hey blog readers,
I am currently organising a pre-order spree.
I'm sure this will be a great deal for you babes. :)
Laneige facial products are at least 10% off retail prices and I'm bringing in Etude House Facial Products whereby they are one of the leading brands in Korea.
So do join the spree for great bargains. :P

Spree for Laneige Facial Products
Spree for Etude House Facial Products
Spree for FaceShop

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blogs of WAR

Realised that there are more and more war of words shooting around.
Do you have a need to do that?
I mean, from being friends to somewhat enermies?
Are women that petty? -shrugs-
In the first place, it's not as though this person that you are condemning had slept with your boyfriend or hubby right?
Personal attacks, not able to confront face to face and yada yada..
Does these actions mean that you are a coward?
A coward who fear of confrontation?
I shan't poke my nose into this trival, so have some thoughts and thrash things out if possible.

P/S: Just my point of view

Kaiho Sushi

Bear and I went there for dinner and we both love it so much. I gave the chef a budget of $80 each and he came out with the below mentioned dishes.
Appetiser: Duo Miao and Kai Lan
Sashimi: Flying Fish, Salmon, Fatty Tuna, Red Tuna, White Fish, Ebi and Hamachi
Soup: Teapot Soup
Blow Torched Sushi: Dun really know the name of the fish but it taste darn delicious
Sushi: Hotate, Salmon, White Fish and Tuna
Grill: Flying Fish (The sauce is simply delicious. There's loads of bones so be careful when consuming)
Dessert: Green Tea Ice-cream with Red Bean Topping and Lemon Ice cream
Photos are extracted from his website,

It's a dinner place worth going back again. slurps.
Will bring my mum there for her favourite sashimi. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Happy Happy

1st of all, I've completed all my driving lessons.
this means that i'm able to book for my prac test but to my dismay, the system sucks and the dates are fully booked.
anyway, will have to go down to ssdc to check on the dates all over again

2nd, i went for a morning walk and fishing on Saturday.
Had loads of fun with those peeps and I caught the most number of fish.
Here's the fish and prawns(quite some time ago) that we caught and mum taught me how to steam it. DROOLS!

3rd, it is our monthsary today. :D
have been tgt for 19mths and hoping for many more to come.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009


Went fishing finally =)
I insisted that Bear should bring me fishing since I miss fishing so damn much.
Though I know it is a hassle to bring me there as the place is super inaccessible and we have to walk on rocks just to get there.
Then, it started raining and ruined my highly spirited self (for that once only).
Bear gave me his poncho and was totally drenched, and I was so touched by what he did for me, all wet and cold.
Seriously, I'm really proud to have a boyfriend like him.
One that will always control his temper and very patient with me. :)
The one that shower me with love without fail and try to reason out with me whenever I'm wrong.
What more can I ask for??

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mind Reader

Seriously, I'm not designed or made to read mind(s).
Why are people always having so much expectations?
Can't they just explain themselves?
Why must they always make things SO COMPLICATED?

I have little or almost no expectations from anyone.
In a way, I have given up on the hope of my expectations being fulfilled by others.
Thus, I'm working hard for what I want.
Perhaps, not working as hard as I'm supposed to but I'm still trying to.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daily Travel

Been taking public transport these days and of course, have found the most convenient (as in not much standing is needed) way to get around.

Boarded a train down to Potong Pasir last evening and saw this pregnant lady standing in front of the taken priority seat, yet no one offered her a seat, especially the one sitting on it.
Was she too engross in reading her book thus didn't notice or just too reluctant to give up the seat to someone who needed it more?
There are just too many this kinda people around, pretending to sleep, trying to look elsewhere and yada yada.
Worst of all, some can even stare at them as though they are some alien or whatsoever.

Didn't Teachers in school teach basic manners?
I remembered myself learning such morals in Primary School and Secondary School but why is it that no one or very few people practice these acts?
Have they forgotten all these or are they simply too lazy?

Myself, I believe in Karma.
I believe that if one does good, there will definitely be a repayment but in what form?
Who knows?!
I personally find that bringing smiles to people is really fulfilling though what was done is nothing great.
So I think it's really good if one can do just at least one good deed a month? (Every little actions counts)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blood Donation Drive

Once again, I went for a blood donation.
Since its so near office, might as well rite?
This time the number of staff was much lesser compared to before and therefore, waiting time is so much longer.
As usual, I felt damn good after donating but till now the part that they drew blood from is bruised.
Never had this happened, really puzzled.

Brought Ody to Marina Barrage on Sun and then to UPet for a swim.
I know Ody hates swimming but Zaedy simply loves it.
They looked totally adorable when swimming!!! <3
Will bring them there again and I'll swim tgt with them.. Wee!!
It's time to bring them to the BEACH!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When I see you...

I run out of words to say...

Friday, February 13, 2009


Ody wasn't feeling well the whole week. Sent him to the vet and he's feeling so much better now. Seriously, what I can't stand is that people are asking,"Why is there nothing wrong with Zaedy?" In addition, they commented,"This is so STUPID!!" I tried to explain but they just don't get it. FORGEt IT!! I deem you people as IGNORANT. TOTALLY PISSED!!

Anyway, Ody has very sensitive digestive system. He'll poo soft stools whenever he eats food that he's not supposed to. And I ever witnessed that he LS within 3 mins after eating kibbles. No point ranting here when it had past. As long as Ody is fine.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have to change to a new set of phone ASAP!
The side of my phone actually chipped off and is now left dangling.
In addition, the chipped piece is affecting the sliding of my phone..
It just get stuck!! argh!!

Furthermore, there are just too many things that I have to get.
Need to get a camera cos I lost it.
Feel so handicapped without a camera.

Weekends III

BBQ with the SGNorth peeps ->Mahjong till 4->Interrupted sleep at 730 by the boys->Grooming session for the poochies->Tour around Changi->Found a new fishing site

Thanks Ade and Vic for the ride. Really enjoyed the road trip. My first time seeing so many hermit crabs and they are really HUGE!! Definitely not those, ha ha crabs, you see selling in shopping centres.

Lastly, to Bear, Happy 18 Monthsary!!
Didn't manage to make a delicious cheesecake but I'll try to make it better the next time round ya?
I'm actually proud of my first attempt because of the look but not the taste. heez

Monday, January 12, 2009


La adopted a new dog..
He's a JRT X Poodle..
Uber CUTE!!
Really manja (sticky)..
Go to to view his updates..

I was very surprised by Bear's actions.
Bear was so patient with Zaedy in hand feeding him.
We never have this problem with Ody cos he gobble his food down in seconds.

Please inform me if anyone is gonna give up a Husky. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Woes

1st day of work for the year.. argh!!
Had a real bad time over the new year week.
Fucking sickening lah!!
I put it in my pouch, all zipped up but it still went missing..
All the photos of my countdown, the video that I took.. :(
Whatever, cannot be helped anyway.
It totally nowhere to be located!!
The worst thing is that I just told Bear that I wanna get a DSLR and it went running away from me forever!!

Bear had a tough start too.
This Fucker actually did really mean things to Bear!!
We made a report and the fucking Police lose the very important document to the case!!
In any case, I'm going to make you guys responsible for the lost if that fucker cannot be charged.