Monday, July 30, 2007

50th POST!

My 50th post!
kinda bull shit thou

received a call from this lil chap at abt 2345?
who will call at this hour and 'Guess who am I?'
cant really blame him thou
he's only 19 =)
he has a great dream too.
kinda proud of him n his dream
having said so much, i dun even know his name!

i have tonnes of tidbits from Shaun
they are to keep me awake when i'm studying
=) thanks dude
really sweet of you
but they'll make me fat!
make sure u're free for coffee ya?
overdued treat!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Jenga @ Mind Cafe

Leng Chee~

Young at Heart

went out with prissy's frens yday!
was supposed to be at a concert but end up at mind cafe.
they love the place loads.
had really nice time with them.
great laughs and great embarrassments
dinner at HK Cafe is good too.
yuanyang is superb~
hooked on that drink after visiting HK.


my lovely prissy~ I know we dont look alike but we are really blood related

yueying, me & pris

gladys & me

loser & winner


ger, i hope that u'll really understand that a crush is just a crush. guess u've made ur choice. so good luck and stay happy~

i'm in no position to lecture u and stuff but it does hurt while you think you're not in a wrong ya. many a times, 'follow your heart' do not really apply in all situations. I always tell myself that Jeryd is the best thing that I ever had. =) He is nice, sweet, does everything for me, there to lift my dampen spirits up and stuff. Everyone has flaws, so does he. But I can tell that he's doing well with his flaws. You did it! No matter how many crushes I used to have, he's always that magnamious to forgive me and I loved him for that. No one treats me as well as he did. Thanks monkey~ Thanks for the memories. I treasure things that you've done for me. Hugs.

Life is not like a story writen on a whiteboard. If you don't like that sentence, you just erase it. =) Things don't go back to original once you do the necessary. Effort and Time are the factors that make things work. Change of attitude do not happen overnight! That's why I must take managing change as an examinable module. =)

Whatever it is, just try to take things easy ya? I know you are confused and lost but leaving him for another guy is not what I think you should be doing. I need to have a nice talk with you after my paper! Better give me good and solid explaination else you'll be dead. Might realised that I've been giving you cold shoulders! So many things that I have to accomplish after my paper!! damn~ I'll just do my best in all that I'm able to. Appreciated? You tell me!

Friday, July 27, 2007


went YOGA!
all stretched. flexible~ =)
really love to feel so relaxes after that
think i need some cardio workout
really tired after that
great workout.
feel engergized today.

during my yoga
there is this 'LAO LIAN' whose phone keep on ringing
how to bloody hell concentrate
feel like slamming her phone
can she even put in on silent mode?
not even considerate!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hand Full of Story

Plam Reading say:-
If one's hands are smooth and fleshy, one is not bound to go though much hardships.
If there are too many lines that intersects each other means that one has many emotional baggages, undecisive, someone who thinks too much into things.

For me, I would prefer a guy with slightly coarse hands as it gives me a sense of security. It tells me how much he had been through. It made his life filled with many learnt lessons. And I'll benefit from listening to all the stories he had for me. :)

It doesn't mean that people with smooth and flawless hands does not have any nice stories. It is just that I would prefer stories that will allow me to realise the bad side of life. I'm a very fortunate girl who is living in a very cosy environment. Hardship is? I do not know. All these stories are a form of motivation that will bring me through life as it is not a bed of roses. It may seems to be but still there are thorns that prick. (sounds familiar? ya. Joanna love to say this to me and our conversation can go on n on ard this. Not to mention, u are not forgotten.) Though things may be moving on fine for me, who knows what will happen in the long run.

To friends out there, nothing is perfect. Your life lies in your own hands. So crave out what you want and live till the fullest. Treasure what you have now and not take things for granted. Cheers!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


had dinner with my someone I miss for a long time yday
glad that u're feeling ok~
take care ya.
i'll love u...

had a long battle and finally...
finished all my assignments and down to only one paper!
i need my well-deserved slp!

had a dinner with Shaun at secret garden.
i like the place, the music, the food and of course the company~
nice place to chill!
will organise a meal there with my peeps soon!

SHOES are my next boyFriends

Shoes are like my best friends.
They are always there for me.
They always lift me up when I'm down.
They protect me from getting hurt.
They make me look and feel good with the right attire.
They elevate me to see a different point of view.

Thou at times it hurts
It just tells that they are tired
They need a listening ear too
They want attention
They need love and concern

When they are old
They feel old and useless
They get mend and feels new
They get dumped and replaced
They get remembered in my mind

Monday, July 23, 2007

Live for urself

In life, it is hard to pacify everybody. The more you try to make things right, the more it'll go wrong. Stop and think about what is the cause of everything and work things out. You only live once! BE TRUE to yourself and of course the people around you.

I know that when night falls, one is in bed, thoughts, blissfulness, loneliness, heartaches, joy and etc., will start appearing despite the weariness. This is the moment when one is true to himself. When you're down, you'll need someone to talk to. When you're elated, you'll want someone to share it with. When you're in fear, you'll need someone to comfort. All these emotions and feelings, kept and locked in a room right where one would not want to reveal, are emerging to cause a heavy heart.

Next, how long can you keep them to one's self? As for me, I struggled every night to sleep because I do not have one friend that I think really understands me. Probably I have but I'm avoiding him. As for you, just dump all your emotional baggage on me ya? Like what I used to do. =)

Lastly, just live the life you've always wanted. Do not deceive yourself by doing things that you would not want to and eventually get hurt. You live for yourself not for others, though they are part of you. Not all can be compromised! =P Bring it on~ I know you can. And I know the rest of my friends are able to. Cheerios

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Desperate Housewives

need a break from sch work~
hence, the title tells all
the usual drama that i'll watch these days
been busy and hasnt have much time to watched them
today, without the settings i used to have
still i caught 2 episodes as usual
love all the tiniest lil bits of the show
the values, lessons learnt n sorts
its just so..
guess everyone will play different roles in a r/s
u need not be a housewife to experience them thou =)
all i have to say is, treasure what u have now
dun let it slip by u
opportunity dun come knocking twice
once its gone, its gone!

next, i want the book 'WHY MEN SLP AFTER SEX!"
really curious whether all men slp after sex
prob guys out there can tell me whether u slp after sex =)
will compile them after 50 respondants respond to this!!
lame shit~
been really into the book 'Why smart men marry smart women'
guess its a book for gers who are after for SHAUN, Shaun Lim.
1st criteria, u gotta be HOT!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Hectic Day, Nice Dinner

Finally finished my MRP.
i know i wouldnt score for my research proj
but who cares
as long as i can pass.
sick n tired of it
now just gotta clear my HRM

met up with Shaun in sch since he's going to sch to collect his cert
and headed to PS Cafe for dinner
the ambiance is TRANQUIL!
the music is SOOTHING!
the food is DELICIOUS too.
will recommend u peeps to dine there
no pics thou
but ya
chat alot.
anything n everything u can think of
but tonnes on r/s
and SOH JIELE, JERYD, u're mentioned almost everytime
common fren so no choice

pimples are popping OUT nonstop
lack of slp
i need my beauty slp
will need to go for my facial soon!

Quote for the day 20 07 2007

"A True Fren Is SomeOne Who Sees The Pain In Ur Eyes While Everyone else BelievEs In Ur Smile"

i got this from a fren thou
its his msn nick!
i find that it just speak for itself
dun u think so?
everyone has their own worries and stuff
but only true frens will see the pain
and others will see the 'joy' in ur smile
its just the facades of life

i'm happy for LM cos she no longer have to go thru the pain n sufferings of chemo
i know its not easy to be strong given ur situation
but life goes on rite?
i'm happy that u'll be fiddly fit as b4
i really wish to hang out with u gals more
due to time constrain
i really cant
will meet up with u ppl after my paper ya?
that's a promise!

Random Rants

i hate frogs, toads, amphibians
they are disgusting
walking pass yishun pond made it worst.
i see them almost everyday!!
girls in my house are afraid of it

thurs is yoga day
love yoga cos i'll make me flexible
i'm already flexible :)

i'm darn screwed!
Research paper is due in a few hours time
i'm not even half done
what am i supposed to do?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kinky Thoughts

what will ur next reaction be
when u hear 'OK~ U're in control' from a lady with a very sweet n sexy voice

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


i'm serious on this
i've been saying hurting words to my pals
i'm really sorry
i thot that'll be better for us
and i hope it'll be

kisses: -
Oh, i luuvve kissing. *sigh* I could kiss a man for hours and be content with just that. Sometimes, I actually enjoy it more sp than having sex. :P A make-out session can lead to other things, but when two people just kiss to kiss, there is something very special about it... something very intimate... something verra, verra delicious. *g* Perhaps it's because there's not thinking in a kiss, you just do it. There's no goal in a kiss; you're not trying to get someone off. You just want it. Just to feel it...
*quoted from the book bitches

I feel the same too!
Was showered with it and will be too.
Its just a matter of time.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Add ons

been blogging alot in a day!
in no time i'll hit 50 post in less than a mth
just a lil add on of photos
was simply photo-whoring the whole time thru!

got this warning message from Jun in the evening:
WARNING: Very strong stuff. Do NOT attempt to drink it if you're not a good drinker. You'll be sending yourself to your own graveyard, thus the name of the drink.
for more info -> Graveyard

Sunday, July 15, 2007

KTV Mania

went ktv with prissy n her peeps
the usual ones that i love to hang out with
but b4 the KTV session
i quarrelled with prissy.
i know i'm harsh
but dun take me for granted
had a real nice time there
they'll sing to every song played
really high (w/o alochol too)
will edit the video and post them online
they are really hilarious

to this pal that i think i've really hurt
i'm really sorry
pls understand the situation alrite?
nevertheless, we'll still be best frens

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Attention to MEN

found this interesting pic online
enjoy and think abt the mentioned.


it really brought all of us to graveyard man!
most of us were like HIGH after that
all thanks to JUN's BOTTOM's UP!
really enjoyed ourselves
imagine most of us almost KO
yet going to mind cafe
did alot of silly stuff too
said tonnes of stuff from the bottom of our hearts
enough said

Friday, July 13, 2007


went supper with GX and WB
gx is forever the chatty one who talks non-stop and put words in everyone's mouth
poor wb.
think he's kinda used to it.
brought Prissy there too.
she's GOOD!
will bring her out more often
cos she's the only one who will make GX shut his mouth!!
i really hope to meet up with the girls.
and wanna clarify things with Joanna.
dun wanna go thru all these stuff all over again
ur friendship is misting up all over again.
all i expect from u is to be true.
that's all.
will talk to u when i'm done with all my sch work.
just be prepared till then.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tarot Reading for 12 July 2007

The Nine of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in realization. I am not my mistakes. I can't do this alone or pretend any more. The illusion of comfort in denial or sacrifice is no longer mine. There is no shame in my suffering -- no healing in silent self-torment. It is here at the surreal crossroads of the "soul search" where dawning truth meets the anguish of overwhelming resistance in mind over matter that I can finally wake up, change my mind, let go of what no longer works or own my losses or choices. I am empowered by intense acknowledgment or epiphany and my virtue is gratitude or relief in recognition

is this why i'm feeling so down?
it hit that nail!
anyway, i've realised that i've placed too much expectations on myself

I can no longer cope

i think i need counselling!!
i've been going thru alot after my dad's death
mum pinning high hopes on me
sistas giving tonnes of probs
unable to meet deadlines for sch work
grandad going into depression
frens nv understanding yet complaining
i'm going bonkers soon
really not sure how long more i'm able to hold on to all my emotions
i'm going nowhere with everything up in my mind
i'm really drowning
drowning deep inside

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Over It - Katharine McPhee

I'm over your lies,
and I'm over your games.
I'm over you asking me,
when you know I'm not okay.
You call me at night,
and I pick up the phone.
And though you've been telling me,
I know you're not alone.

That's why
(your eyes)
I'm over it
(your smile)
I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over it
I'm over..

Wanting you,
to be wanting me.
No that ain't no way to be.
How I feel, read my lips,
because I'm so over..
Moving on, it's my time,
you never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first, a little bit,
but now I'm so over.
I'm so over it..

I'm over your hands,
and I'm over your mouth.
Trying to drag me down,
and fill me with self-doubt.

That's why,
(your words)
I'm over it
(so sure)
I'm over it
(I'm not your girl)
I'm over it

I'm over it
I'm over...

Wanting you,
to be wanting me.
No that ain't no way to be.
How I feel, read my lips,
because I'm so over..
Moving on, it's my time,
you never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first, a little bit,
but now I'm so over.
I'm so over it..

Don't call,
don't come by,
ain't no use,
don't ask me why,
you'll never change,
there'll be no more crying in the rain.

Wanting you,
to be wanting me.
No that ain't no way to be.
How I feel, read my lips,
because I'm so over..
Moving on, it's my time,
you never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first, a little bit,
but now I'm so over.
I'm so over it..

I'm so over it....
I'm over it....

Wanting you,
to be wanting me.
No that ain't no way to be.
How I feel, read my lips,
because I'm so over..
Moving on, it's my time,
you never were a friend of mine.
Hurt at first, a little bit,
but now I'm so over.
I'm so over it..

Train Ride

Realised i have been travelling alot.
saw a number of weird ppl along the journey
i saw this really pleasant looking ger
but guess what she did?
she was happily digging her nose in the public!
can tell that she's enjoying it too!
its really disgusting, grosssss....
furthermore, her hands went all over her face!
freaked me out
1st impression counts?
in a way it does
but what follows?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


bored at work again

bus ride to work

i hate mandarin FM!!
songs they play just hit me emotionally
esp those songs that he used to sing
and sing with emotions, etc.
anyway, that's history.

now my short term plans..
finish off my assignments
and prepare for my exams
it will take me ages to do that

to go hk again. :)
wouldnt want to miss out on any good deals anymore

next go aussie to meet up with don
:) cant wait to see u.
havent meet up with u for AGES!!
and we share the same birth month..
its just a day diff.

to ed,
hope u like the tee.
glad that it fit

Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday Blues?!

I'm so proud of myself!
I fixed the docking station and monitor in abt 30 mins!!
in fact, the cables for the monitor is not done up
bringing them from one table to another
laborious job!

went for manicure yday
for a break and to pamper myself
been going thru alot and i seriously think that i need a break
furthermore, this will be my last indulgence till i finish my run
my run includes assignments and of course EXAMS!!
dread them!

the silliest and sweetest boy had made my day
but i understand that i cant ask much from u too
not expecting anything anymore
just keep in touch ya?
miss ya!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chen Da Wei – Till the End,Till%20The%20End%20插曲%20于皓之爱%20斗鱼%20English&word=mp3,$.mp3,,[%B6%B7%D3%E3]&si=;;;;0;;0&lm=16777216

All these precious moments
with you by my side
must be a gift from heaven
that's holding me all night

i don't know how i found you
i'm thankful that i have
now that i have a love so true
to hold, to keep, to share

* In my heart i can no longer hold inside
all of the love i used to hide
i'll always be with you until the very end
in this world there is no place i'd rather be
you are my life, my soul, my girl and through it all i know
that you've come to see that you're the one till the end*

All my friends around me
say you'd be gone too soon
baby i'm gonna make them see
we've found our way back home

repeat *

We'll always be till the end.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


in pain both psychically and emotionally!
went for my review today,
spring added to open the gap
powerlink added to close the gaps
they're just killing me!!

spent 50 bucks on prissy again!!
another 50 on myself!
i'm left with a white skinny..
shd i get it?
still pondering
cos i have a heavy bottom n white makes it worst

met up with gina in the noon.
had a really nice talk
abt r/s (hot topic), life and work!
didnt know she went thru so much pain with Lionel.
think u've made the right choice of ditching him
no pt getting together with a guy who hit
protect urself ya?
love ya
had a nite day out with u, esther, ur bro n ur mum (kinda like their family outing)..

the whole day filled with food!
NYDC, starbucks, sakae...
gotta exercise!!
current mood: sleepy

to the silliest and sweetest boy on earth,
i've mailed u ur tee
pls get back to me once u receive it.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Writer's mood

We first met at the rock wall
A wall where friendship begins
Soon encroaching into another level
Bringing us closer

Bickering is our routine
Jokes are no longer accepting
Quarrels became periodic
Emotionally hurt indeed

Exchange of blows minimized
Words that hurt diminished
Communication no longer simple
Leaving us adrift

Many words are left untold
Sentiments kept deep inside me
Tinted love is hard to maintain
But is it worth another try

Didn’t expect myself to come out with all these but I’m sure they are from the bottom of my heart. As for the card, I think it really describe how much we’ve tried to overcome all the differences we’ve been through. Don’t want to spoil the card by writing anything. Just wish you luck in your next relationship and remember those things written on the card. Being rash doesn’t solve anything but worsen everything. Thanks for all the wonderful times you gave me and those good that I’ve learnt from you. Take care. BIG HUGS!

Eva Longoria;_ylt=An0rKTxYjH6whFOBokdT1UrBixx.

she's getting married!


went out with the gers/women..
had a really enjoyable time tgt
talking abt the past
and gossiping abt present
just know that ppl are not easy
fill ur days with smiles and it'll nth will hinder
hang on tight!
have faith in u all
we'll meet up again soon ok?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Nice Night, Bad day

i had a real nice nite.
thanks for giving me that wonderful nite.
i really miss it.

had a nice breakfast with my long lost breakfast kaki.
and what follows after that?
i dun wish to mention
all i gotta say is that dun ever step on my tail again
u'll regret

i'm really going thru alot now.
not sure how much more i can hold.
lost 2 pillars.
cant afford to anymore.
dad, i miss u!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

to the SILLIEST and SWEETEST boy on earth

i've been missing u heaps!!

i enjoyed the moments spent with u
love ur smile.
love ur hugs and kisses.
love u to pinch my cheek.
but i guess its not the perfect time to be together
things are just coming at the wrong time for u.
whatever it is
all the best alrite!
thanks for giving me those sweet memories
sorry for walking out on u at this point of time.
can u gimme a call when u see this?
keep in touch ya.

movie - transformer

went to catch transformer with gx again!!
the show was really awesome
thou i dozed off for a short while (was really tired, pardon me)
really grateful that he's out with me thou he had his hand bandaged
get well soon ya.
see what's the next movie that we'll be catching tgt.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ger's day out!

went shopping with my beloved sistas
love them to the core!!
and the damage is really great
spent like $150 yday at the flee market held at mind cafe
and today?
abt >$50
when is my pay day?!
in need of money!!

met up with pris bf? future bf?
he's a really funny person
he's really afraid of stella
think all prissy's fren have the same 1st impression of her
had a real nice day out
really enjoyed their company

here are all the photos taken and the loot!!