Monday, October 26, 2009

Albert Einstein Quotes

Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not.

Why will women marry men hoping that they will change?
Wouldn't they marry the perfect one instead of carrying these kinda hopes till they finally give up?
In a very naive way of thinking what love is, accept the flaws..
How many couples can actually do this?

Why men hope that their women will not change?
Looks? Attitude? Naggings?

In short, love is just being very practical!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Me can make nice Tiramisu!!
Tried making some with the instant mix that I bought from Muji.
How wrong can you go about with instant mix?
So after watching the Chl 8 show which I so happened was watching, I realised that it is just so easy to make them.
Did some further research online and found this really good video..
With the help of the cake mixer that my lovely colleagues bought me as a birthday gift, I used it to whip the cream and it turn out LOVELY!! (no need to manually whip for ages just to get it fluffy)
Did all that I need to and tada, a nice and delicious Tiramisu (with no alcohol thou)..
Will be serving them to my pals when they come over for steamboat on Saturday!
I'm so proud of myself!! =)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Men are totally shallow creatures and need their ego constantly stroked!!
On the other hand, Women are materialistic bitches!!

What have gone wrong in life?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eve of 23rd

These days, I will do some self-reflections daily.
Most of the time it's when I'm travelling on my way to work or back home.
I'll think of all the things that I've done before and plan for the future.
I think this did help a lot as it made me realise what I have done wrong in the past (includes the current day) and will try to correct them within my means.
In addition, it gave me a clearer picture of how and what I want in my life.
I am really glad that I am still alive to experience these events that is happening around me. :)

I remembered one incident when Jasmine made fun of me when we were much younger.
She did make me blush.
And making me blush is so so simple.
It was really a very very funny experience and then we were all very innocent. :)
This thing I regretted a lot is to drift away from them totally. sigh.
And after given so many chances, I still did the same. :(
I always put LOVE in first priority and now, thinking back it is really so not a single tad bit worth it.
Whatever it is, it is history.
Now it is me putting in all the effort to mend this broken bridge back.
I believe I can do it.
Please trust me that this bridge will not break anymore and stronger as time goes by.