Thursday, April 29, 2010

being vegetarian

whenever i'm vegetarian, friends around me will ask why.
is it because of religion or losing weight?
i would say its none of both.
and what is wrong with being vegetarian?
usually its only for a month.
i did not make a vow or wish therefore be vegetarian.
i would say that being vegetarian makes me happy and i'm liking that fact.
so stop judging me in anyways.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ody Boy

This is just another post on this lil boyish dog named Ody.

It all started with me wanting a dog to keep me accompanied. Why? I have totally no idea. Then, Shaun brought me around to look for dogs and I always have a maltese or poodle in mind. A small little lap dog will be good. We searched high and low for the kind of dogs that we would want. Went on the internet, went to pet farms and almost all the pet shops around the area and found this pet shop with the words, "Puppies for SALE" somewhere at the shop front and we walked in to take a look.

The auntie showed us the puppies that she had and took them out for us to play with them. Then, this littlest puppy caught my attention. He was really hyper and ran to us for hugs, that totally win my heart over. After much discussion, we finally bought him. Shaun owned him for the first few days and had a very hard time sleeping as Ody is kept in the playpen alone, whining very loudly trying very hard to get the littlest attention he could. Thereafter, I brought him back home where he truly belongs to. The first headache I had was house-breaking him. He is really very hard to house break. Till today, he is still peeing everywhere around the house because his peeing area is dirty. faints.

Next major thing that happened was he poo with blood. It all started with non-stop diarrhea. Brought him to 3 different vets till his condition finally stablised. I changed his food from kibbles to barf secretly as Shaun will have loads to say if I were to tell him. And surprisingly, Ody got very much better after the change. The only bad was that I have to spend lesser and very much lesser on myself just to make sure he has the best. sighs.

After all the health saga, should start talking about his behaviour at home. He is really a tyrant at home even till now. Sent him to Waggie for training and he dread it. In turn, he failed his assessment and got a certificate of participation. laughs. Though he failed, I could see the drastic change of better behaviour at home, that is excluding the excessive barking. Then, I enrolled him for training with APAWS thinking that I should train him to be a therapy dog. The trainer told me that Ody can take up the competition level as there is not much of a difference and for the price that I am paying, its more worth it and so, I signed him in for competition class. In addition, Ody has this aggression problem that I can't seem to correct him, even till now though he is so so so much better now. I put in the effort to bring him for training every Saturday, missing out on loads of Saturday morning gatherings too. Finally, I took up the courage to sign him up for the SKC Obedience Trial after much thoughts. Jazz, the trainer, told me that Ody is ready and the only concern was which placing he will get. After so much drilling, he came in 4th placing. phew~ I have to thank Jazz for all the time, patience and guidance she had given.

He is turning 3 in May. Time flies. It seems as thou I just bought him from the pet shop not long ago. He brought us loads of joy and sorrows. He is my bestest friend who is always there for me despite me nagging and scolding him. I love him just as much as I love my family.

And lastly, to Ody boy... Happy Birthday!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ody WON!!

I'm so happy with Ody's performance today!! =D
I wasn't expecting anything from him today judging from all the hiccups he used to give me on very important days.
Nevertheless, I didn't give up on him and continued training even till the very last minute.

1st, he refused to calm himself down before entering the ring.
2nd, he forgotten his auto-sit at the start of the trial.
3rd, he didn't do his recall perfectly.

I do have my mistakes too. =p
Me, being in the ring for the 1st time, was too nervous when he made mistakes.
I totally lost my mind when there was faults. sigh.
Will work harder on that.. =)

Photos and videos are up in my fb..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Work Rants!!

I'm so caught in the middle as I am to spare a thought for my boss and Ops.

My Ops have been hiding things from me, not sharing until the very last minute. In a way, I can feel the strain. I totally understand the fact that you guys will not want to have extra work in your workload but am I not trying? Do not instruct me with what you think I should be doing for you.

On the other hand, I would think that supporting to my boss's request is reasonable. It does not kill to do a little extra. In any case, we should give and take instead of rejecting everything. bah~


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

EMO freak

I've been so so so EMO these days..
When can my life be as cheerful as before??
I need a change.. I'm drowning..


Many a times, guys just don't or never will understand this....


Monday, April 12, 2010

when I say I LOVE YOU


Just dun understand why.. sigh~

Sunday, April 4, 2010

hearts mummy loads

i've been at home over the long weekend and realised how great my mum is. she is such a loving mother who cares and loves us despite e wrongs that we have done. she taught us loads and i really appreciate what she had done for us.

in fact, she stayed up late for the past few nights waiting for us to be home before she turn in for the day. i was with her watching tv programmes, accompanying her wait till she's tired. thou she always mention that her girls are old enough and she couldnt really be bothered with our lives, deep inside her, the worried worms still surface.

i remembered when i just broke up w Bear, i went out drinking alot, practically stopped eating for a month or so and she got really worried. she kept bringing me out even to wet market just to make sure i'm alright. she tried cooking food that i like so that i would start eating again. she is just so wonderful! she is always be there to shelter me thru the storms.

mummy, i love u loads! :)