Friday, November 30, 2007



Have been thinking of what should I get as gifts for my peeps and colleagues.
Not sure if it'll turn out nice but willing to give it a try.
Cookies is the simplest I can do. =)
Just hope that it'll be much appreciated.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happily Ever After

Went to catch Enchanted last evening.
It's a show of my kind.
Simply love it as its a FAIRY TALE.
After watching 2 fairy tales, Enchanted and Stardust, i love to be in one.
A never ending one where everything is just so perfect.
But REALITY is what we all face now.

Relating characters from all fairy tales:-
King: Bragger
Queen (Evil Stepmother): BAD MOTHER-IN-LAW
Stepsisters: All the nasty gossipers
Animals: Friends
this is just my pov. no offence. =)

Before I went to bed, saw Ody chewing.
I thot he went to steal treats or bite things that he's not supposed to.
To my surprise, I saw this lil milk teeth almost dropping off.
Thus, helped pull this lil milk tooth of his.
Afraid that he might hurt and bleed hence left him alone.
As excepted, it came off when I checked on him in the morning.
What a brave lil baby of mine.
Didn't cry due to a lost teeth unlike his MUMMY.
Dread to see a dentist hence leaving her such ugly moments wearing braces and the unforgettable swell due to extraction of WISDOM TEETH.

Lastly, to all those attached and almost getting attached, REMEMBER the sparkling eyes of your partner. heez

Monday, November 26, 2007

Doggy Weekend III

Once again, I brought Ody to Pet Movers yesterday.
Was supposed to allow him to play at the field but my Ody boy just ran to the gates.
Not really sure what happened to him but I never fail to make him WET.
Threw him into the little wading pool again. laughs
I guess he just dislike to swim.
Should have brought his toys huh?
He's really cute.
Especially with a few missing teeth.
He lost 2 teeth at the bottom and 2 on the top.
Guess he must be thinking why are we always trying to look at his set of teeth, forcing his mouth open for more than 5 times a day.
I wonder where are the milk teeth.
Anyway, I have fun taking care of my new love.

Back to Pet Movers, we saw this Black and Sliver MS named, Dum Dum.
1st impression, WHAT A NAME?
He's abt 1 yr and has really nice coat.
Have to send my baby for grooming before the MS gathering.
I'm looking for Trainers for Lil Ody.
If you happen to know any pls leave me a msg.

Here are the pics

Ody trying to get help
Dum2 and Ody

Dum Dum

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tree Top Walk

Finally wish come true.
Went to the tree top walk with my fellow colleagues.
We walked about 10KM to and fro.
That's a really long walk from MacRitchie Reservoir give the terrain too.
Nevertheless, we managed to have fun and went for dinner in a piece.
Went to the famous Mellban (Ang Mo Kio Blk 232) for DINNER.
CRAB NOODLES are simply delicious.
I have a Dinner @ Jumbo on the 27th Nov.
Crabbies are just too tempting..
To my honey bear, I guess you can't have any due to your extraction.

Went to sch after the long walk and missed out on the fun the peeps had with Dira.
Have not seen her for AGES!!
Wonder how she is now..
Someone pls send me the photos u have taken to my email add.

Here's the link to view the photos - Flickr

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ody's Christmas Wishlist

Was checking on his teeth in the morning and I found that Ody had lost 2 teeth.
That may be the reason why he bites everything that he sees.
Or are we too rough that we pulled his teeth out when retrieving item from his mouth?
Gotta monitor his teeth else he'll need to wear braces too.. just joking.
He'd been really naughty these few days.
Not wanting to sleep in his cage or bed, snuggling in bed together with whoever he finds comfortable.
Smartie lil dog, barks when he need to relieve himself as he need to get out of the room.
Kinda cute lil baby.
I love my baby Ody and of course my darling Bear for giving it to me as a surprise present on our mthsary.
Thanks honey bear.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


My lunch spent at AWWA with the old folks is rather fulfilling and heartwarming.
Its not my 1st time there thou.
Comparing to before, close to 10 yrs ago, they have much more activities and the folks have their time well spent. The have singing and line dancing classes too.
Hence, the folks can really sing and dance.
I'm no where comparable, not even the volunteers.
Here are the photos for the event.

The stageLooking at the performance
uncle's forfeit
Lunch time Dancing Cha-ChaSole Male Dancer
Group shot

Monday, November 19, 2007


Karma is a belief and I'm one of them who believes.
What comes around goes around.
Mum used to preach these teaching.
Now I've understood a huge load of it when its only - Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A person reaps what he sows. (Gal. 6:7) its from a bible.
Not sure why I have the urge to Google sites on Karma.
This is what I've gotten from there:-
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
Nevertheless, I think I must have a rather alright Karma to have such great mum and sistas.
They have been my real best pillars in my life who never fail to be with me when I need them.
To Mum and Pris, Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed the little thought of mine (beary did help think of it too) to bring all together for a simple steamboat dinner and MJ session. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Canon Rock

i'm hooked on this..

anyone happened to have this song kindly forward it to me?
thanks. =P

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I guess many does not know the art of appreciation, the art of showing appreciation.
Like me? I guess I'm just one of them. =)
after 21 yrs in this world.
Call me a spoilt brat, a bitch or whatever that comes to your mind.
Just think of the amount of appreciation you received till now.
No one thank you for your good but scrutinise your bad.
It's not that we are not open to comments but there is a word called, "BALANCE".
Sing some praises if needed. It really make one's day.
My pal Joanna, is always whining abt this colleague of hers.
Hey SHOW APPRECIATION!! It dun have to be a real FANCIFUL one but just a simple THANK YOU will do.
Same applies to a relationship.
Do not ever take one for granted.
I know I do, and always do.
Cos I'm living in denial, in deception.
Please get me out of this messed up, complicated world.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Doggy Video


Life is filled with so much uncertainties.
I think we should cherish and treasure whatever & whoever, whenever we're with them. Whenever they are still around with us.

Got to know the news that one of my ex-colleague is with the Lord now.
It may be a blessing in disguise? I'm not really sure about it.
Not really sure how she felt fighting cancer but I'm sure how the people around her have felt encouraging her not to give up and stuff. It's really not easy to be really positive and strong in giving her the care and attention.

I've lost my dad due to it too. Someone who had been a real good fren of mine, a really caring dad. On the other hand, I have known people who've recovered from it too. Stay strong. If there's a will, there'll be a way. Move on as life still goes on.

My condolences~

Doggy Weekend II

Brought my dog out on Saturday evening to HappyDaze Cafe for dinner.
He had a muffin and only food will make him take nice pictures.

i want my muffin!!
honey bear and me
looking for food

Brought him to the pet movers on Sunday where he can interact with other dogs and have fun too. =)
I'm sure he had loads of fun playing and swimming.
The swim was great and FUNNY!!
Will upload the video of his swim soon... if i didnt forget abt it
After all this run, it's my turn to relax..
Went to Pasir Ris Park for a short walk with my lil baby boy refusing to walk as he's REAL tired!!
I just HEARTS very lil bit of him

collie and me yeah.. I won this JR pup.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lovely Enchantment

Happy mthsary beary..
Its really nice to have spent these 3 mths together.
Surprises that really surprised me.
And of course there are some that didn't.
Love to have more of ur nonsenscial and lame jokes with loads of surprises too.
Thanks for being there when I need you.
I love you heaps. =)

My honey bear got me this.

And I did a college in return.. As usual.
Didnt take a pic of it. =P
But pics of our dinner.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Deepavali BBQ

Went to Sembawang Park for a BBQ to celebrate DEEPAVALI!!
Attendance: Tan Family with BFs and HP colleagues.

My intention was to make Ody swim there but the water is really yew!!
Just so yucky that you wouldnt even want to get down.
In the end, we just walk him ard making sure that he don't get any MALAYS(no offence) as my dog almost got kicked my one due to a mishandling of a kid.
This really make me miss those days when the e1s will hold their class gathering there no matter rain or shine. I MISS U PPLE!!
When it rains, all of us just cuddled together hoping that each of us will feel a lil warmer and thanks to SHANE's jacket that keep each of us warm for a while as it was passed ard among the girls.
Guess the next meet up will be for Jasmine's 21st.

I've realised something really annoying.. Brown bear just perfer taking picture with my lil Ody instead of ME!! Just look at these...


Had fun there but it ended with a heavy drizzle. I guess I was clever to bring the carrier to shelter my lil boy.

I guess my lil Ody is just too cute that all just want to take a pic with him. =)
Gonna flaunt my lil cutie. enjoy~

Ody boy~ Prissy with Ody
Can tell that Ody is not happy.. HAHA
Thanks bear.. -.-

Monday, November 5, 2007

Doggy Weekend

Spent my weekend playing with Ody instead of studying for my paper which is on SUNDAY!
Been trying to make him pee and poo in his cage as I let him out to run about at home.
Despite all my attempts, he just refuse to do it.
Just do not understand why Shaun have the POWER to made him pee and poo in his cage.
All he went was, "We're going out. You have to pee and poo before I bring you out."
Immediately, he went into the cage to do his BUSINESS!!
Guess we have been too lenient with him, esp BENJAMIN TAN.
When we are trying to correct Ody's wrong, Ben will come into the picture saying, "He's just a baby. Don't beat or punish him."
Besides that, I just had another 6 yr old dog who talks.
He wants attention from both the dog and us.

Brought Ody out to the SKC Dog Show after my paper.
Didn't buy batteries for my cam hence not much photos to publish.
He went out of hands too.
Barking at BIG dogs like German Shepard and GRs.
And given his size, all he does with all the dogs is FLOOR ROLL!
Really adorable in fact. =)
On our way back, he slpt soundly in my arms kicking in his dreams.
That really melt my heart and felt that all the hard work is worthwhile.

My evening was good.
Had a Jap buffet for dinner and a relatively alrite movie to end the day.

me with my lil ody boy

Ody with prissy

Ody's fav hobby

with his strawberry flavoured rope. chew~

dnd me with my rope

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Just a few more days to my last paper for the term.
But I'm really exhausted having to look after the lil puppy at nite.
He's really noisy when he's let alone.
Brought him into the room to slp with me and sth bad happened.
Placed him on the other side of me, and yeaps, he slept soundly.

One incident when I was studying and Shaun was swimming, Ody jumped into the pool to join Shaun.
Luckily Shaun was near the edge, else lil Ody will drown!
After which, Shaun brought him to the toilet to blow him dry and he sat quietly on the sat at a corner.
Guess he know that we're angry with him.
enough of his act.. PICS time

i love daddy's lap foot reflexology
Being punished =(
Bring me out! woof~