Monday, September 20, 2010

work rants

seriously, i am really sick and tired of my job.
its like there is so much work to do and everyone in the office just seems to push it to my function.
i am starting to dread everything that i am doing because i am totally sandwiched in the middle.
one, my team in DHL is not even truthful to start of with.
we are paying them for 5 headcounts but only 4 headcount is working.
it is like so WTF right?!
the worst thing is that when i start to question them on this, they went like, she is still around, still working.
next, there is a process change and no one is being informed on the change.
now everyone is trying to push this away from there ownership and who gets the workload??
its me in the end.
its totally fucked up!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Renewed Me

i realised that i have got you out of my life.
i have learnt to be really on my own that i no longer need you in my life.
i am able to live as well.
i have grown to be really sick and tired of what we used to go through.
i am a new me now!