Friday, December 28, 2007

Interesting Article

Not sure what brought me to this site but its really interesting.
Do Monks Have Sex?
I guess its because its a gay site that's why there is such a topic. laughs. No insults to gays. =X I guess there will naturally be monks that are gay. I mean some of them are there and might not know the wonders of heterosexuality, just like some lesbians in convent schools. Its just for a short period of time. I think I'm no one to comment abt all these but its a rather interesting topic to debate about rite? laughs. Guess bisexuality is getting more and more common nowadays. Tell me your views in abt the article, if any. Cheers~

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

XMAS without photos

Had a nice steamboat xmas eve dinner with my family.
It was great with MJ session and cake from AWFULLY CHOCOLATE..
Simply love the company.

Next, Bear and I went prawning. =) With our newly bought rod, we caught about 15 prawns in 3 hrs. But we brought home 26 prawns... YEAH!! A really kind lady gave us hers. Not sure why but the whole night I told Bear this... "You are here to charm the prawns so we have more catch, not to charm the ladies to get more prawns." laughs. Now its my turn to prepare a sumptuous instant noodles with prawns for this boy. =D

We brought Ody to Pet Movers again but without my camera. =( I can tell that he really enjoyed himself this time round. Is my lil Ody too ambitious that he only likes to play with BIG DOGS. Husky and GRs are his fav. Sad to say, a beagle violated him. laughs. He humped on my dog. OMG. ON A MALE PUP!! Bear went to stop the humping thingy a couple of times. Bathing this rascal was a hassle. With no shampoo, we went into the shop to get it and Bear left the rubber scrub at the washing area. And of course, it'd been STOLEN. Whatever!! Ody smell so much better with the new shampoo. Hearts the nice scent. After that, went to Bedok 85 for dinner cos I wanna eat something cheap. But I guess with the amount of food we ordered, its nowhere cheap.

After such a heavy meal, I woke up in the morning with INDIGESTION. PUKED all my food out. yew~ It sucks and smells. =( should stop all these excessive eating!! I'm feeling real bad NOW.

All in all, this year's xmas is not as fun. Its due to what happened in the earlier months. Anyway, I got this new phone from Beary. Thanks Love.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Worn Out

This Christmas is a really tiring one for me. I had been baking till wee hours for two nights with loads of time redoing some of the imperfect icing. And I'm really grateful that Prissy is there to help me out.. Thanks love. Seriously, thanks for whatever bad that I've done. Screaming at you.. Guess I'm just a perfectionist when it comes to baking. heez. I LOVE YA SIS.. XOXO.. I simply love the decors on the cookies.. slurps.

To the lil peeps of Prissy, I'm glad that you all love the muffins. I've wasted too much in doing it due to my COCKED EYE, I read the receipe WRONGLY. Heez. Didnt take pictures of any of the 2 as it is really hard to even stay awake after a long day of battle at work. Was reading Joanna's blog, and she mentioned that we baked for Christmas before. I wonder did the cookies reach M'sia. laughs

Had a real bad dream recently, felt this bad aura entering my body and it made me feel so uncomfortable the whole day. It gave me headache the entire day and it went off after prayers. Thank God. Was thinking whether its just me being paranoid.

Bear is back from Phuket and got me a few lil items. Thanks love. I think I never change ever since. Still the strong headed me that wants things her way. Nevertheless, I'll try to kick that bad habit alright. =) Cos I know that with that, it'll bring me NOWHERE and without that, we can proceed on to the next level. =)

Helped Bear in shifting last night. Was shifting goods not House. laughs. We started at about 12 and left at 2. WHY IS THIS CHRISTMAS SUCH A HECTIC ONE? heez.

In compensation to not blogging for quite sometime, I guess you'll find me a nag. BUT WHO CARES.. Laughs. I guess its rather easy to start a conversation but its hard to maintain a conversation if one just don't feel like talking. Anyway, I've tried.

Lastly, my lil Ody. He's been a real bad boy. PEE-ing all ard the house and made me really angry till I spanked him HARD on his butt. It hurts to hit him but I guess he learnt that he should pee in his cage. Should be giving him more attention now. =P GONNA SEND HIM FOR OBEDIENCE TRAINING... Becca, how much does your dad charge? =P

Not to be forgotten, MERRY X'MAS and HAPPY NEW YR.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Not sure what had bitten me but the bite is really horrendous. Thinking that it's only a mosquito bite, didnt really bother much abt it. Beary applied some medication on it and hoping that I'll feel better. To my surprise in the morning, it swelled even more!! Might be due to the excessive scratching when I'm sleeping. The worse thing is that it hurts when I walk and thanks to my itchy fingers, there's some fluid oozing out of the badly scratched bite. Going to a doctor later. God please tell me that it's nothing fatal. (a lil exaggerated.. I KNOW.)

Not only that, my ears have been swelling from naggings and whinings. =) Beary, I understand that time has been hard on you but no matter what, I'll be there for you alright. I need to see Dr. Yong soon. Guess my middle-ear infection is back. It hurts!!

I'm getting old.. REALLY old with all these pain and illnesses. Undergoing some PRE-MATURE AGING!! HELP ME!!! Praying hard to my Guardian Angel that all these will go away before X'mas.

Monday, December 17, 2007


To my surprise early in the morning, 70% of men do not wash their hands after using the toilet!!! Heard this over the radio in the MORNING. yew! Can't imagine the filthy hands when extending a handshake. So guys, please remember to wash your hands after using the toilet!! MOST IMPTLY, when you are at home or alone. Remembered my lecturer mentioning that you'll observe men's habit (good and BAD ones) when he's at HOME!!

Weekend of Fun

Shaun, myself and rascal Ben went for a haircut.
Was kinda relieved that mum wasn't unhappy abt the cut..
Guess its because I was the one who bring him there and paid for it.
Shopping for presents is a headache!!
Kinda alrite for vonne but YJ's was ARGH!!!!
Went to YJ's bbq buffet at Marina South instead of attending Christine's wedding.
Reason & Excuse not to attend: -
  1. Hate to see bitches.
  2. Hate to see ppl that I don't wish to see.
  3. Hate to be bitched.
  4. Can't attend wedding dinner due to my grandpa and dad's death. (not the no. 1 excuse.. -.-)

To WeiShan, sorry abt what had happened on your way back.
Anyway, pics of my weekend.
Rascal b4 haircut
During haircut.
(not sure why is he so gloomy when it cut by a PRETTY lady)

After haircut

Kissy Ody~ hearts

Bday Boy


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Short Escapade

Went to Bintan for a short xmas shopping and I declare proudly that, "I've survived the ferry to and fro without MOTION SICKNESS PILLS". Plugged the earphones into my ears and Zzz... Bintan, being a tourist attraction, the price is exorbitant. Lunch wasn't fantastic and we can always get them cheaply in SGP. Took a buggy to Niwara Resort for ATV but due to time constrain, we have to forgo that. So we spent the remaining time the beach to kill time. It's great to have this short trip but work is a reality.. =D

Monday, December 10, 2007

Joyous Weekend

Had a real joyous weekend with my Bear and family.

In short: plane watching - Ikea shopping - punctured tyre - Crab Party for Dinner - Mahjong

If you wanna read the details...

Spent the eve of our mthsary out in the East. Simply love the plane watching as it is accompanied by lovely Bear and melodious music with me standing on my seat looking at the planes taking off. The only thing that we're short of was a camera. Nevertheless, all these precious moments will be remembered deep down in my heart.

Baked for my chocolate but its so last minute. =P Not the best that I've made but the prettiest.
Pink Heart

4th Mthsary Present

Went Christmas shopping at Ikea as I need to buy frames for my handmade gifts and Beary needs decors for his office. With almost no idea of how should the decors be done, we grabbed almost everything that they have and load them in our trolley till it became a pile of mess. Paid and load them in the boot, off we set for home.

Our Loot

On our journey back home, the tyre punctured. With no knowledge of where the tools are, we're stuck on the expressway, HELPLESS. Guess God knows that I'm in danger thus sent the EMAS Recovery to our rescue. =) Thanks to those uncles who helped us in the changing of the tyres. With our dirtied hands, we went home to unload my goodies and pick the rest up for dinner at Crab Party. The food there is great. Mum liked it and its so near to where she used to live when younger.

To end the weekend as usual, MAHJONG~ =)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ginger Bread House

Spent the night before beary leave for KL sticking the ginger bread house together.
Did a really great job by getting blisters and cuts just to get it up and ready for my HP Just for laughs. =)
Furthermore, he had get up so early in the morning to get to me work with the house and all my necessities. Thanks love.
So we're left with decorating the plain brown nice smelling house for filming.
Prepared the icing at my desk with the help of my colleague and started decorating it all over.
Had a real great time doing it and this is the OUTCOME.

I understand that its not really nice but the process of doing it worth reminiscing.
Simply love doing the icing..
Prissy~ Its our turn to do it for FUN!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I love Benjamin Tan esp. when he does things that amuse me.
As usual, he has to be in sch in the morning and mum will try waking him up.
Not sure where he learnt this tip from..
He placed two thoroughly washed spoons into the fridge the night before and used them as a compression on his 2 puffy little eyes.
I asked what's that for.
And he replied, "This is to make me awake in the morning."
laughed at him for a while and snapped a picture of him.