Monday, December 22, 2008


Have you ever got that clumsy till you close the car door that tight till you remember that you left you fingers out there? I've been like that!! It is fucking painful alright. At first I could not even move a teeny weeny bit of my fingers till some time later. I hurts still now alright?!! Besides this, I was being laughed at and some jokes to make me feel better. Thanks so much for that. Of course, there was some where in between whereby pacifying helped to ease some pain.

Anyway, this is definitely not the first time I have encountered. When I was a kid, I always got my fingers caught between the lift doors (when it slide open, my fingers are always there without fail). The worse thing to it is that I stayed at the ground floor then. Next, is the gate or doors of my house. My fingers still get caught till now. At this age, I think none should have these self-inflicted accidents as one would have been aware of these. It is just me the clumsy one.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Seriously, who are my friends? Friends are supposed to be there whenever you need them and yada yada. To those who are reading this post, ask yourself this question, have you been there for me?

Take for an example, my dad's death followed by my grandfather's, about 3-4 mths apart.
Had anyone sent their condolences? Had anyone came down to the wake? Had anyone asked how am I coping with all these parting of my loved ones? Perhaps a only few did. I really think that my sisters have better friends compared to mine. In anyways, the least they have done was to be there whenever needed.

As for mine, I recall myself giving in more than receiving till I can no longer bother any further. I don't ask for any return but at least appreciate the fact that I'd all I can subtly. I remembered using the last penny I had to exchange for my pal's well-being during prayers. In addition, I prayed all night till now for her well-being. (I think I'm really very superstitious but when you are hoping for one more day, that's the only thing you would do) I don't wish to lose a friend and I know that she has loads of unaccomplished stuff. But in anyways, I was the last to know about her health status. bah.. Worth it or not?

I'm not one who knows how to express myself, neither do I know how to communicate. Think most of the time, people just think that I'm too superficial. Seriously, after blogging, I don't even think anyone would even text me to ask me about how my life had been. It might be that I've let you down but think about it, to err is human.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

16th Monthsary

We have been tgt for 16 mths.
16 mths of ups and downs till today.
Since the day we 1st met as frens, had dinner till today, its 510 days.
Though it might seems really long, to me, it seems only yesterday.

I brought Bear to Tampopo for dinner last evening.
As usual, I had complementary food from them. :)
Don't ask me why because I will not tell.
We enjoyed our food to bits.
Not to mention, it's by far the best Jap restaurant I've been to.

Looking back at all the months tgt, I remembered something really meaningful to us..
ODY.. One of my most memorable mthsary present.
He was given to me on 9th Oct 07, my 2nd mthsary gift.
Then, he was only abt 5 mths old.
The littlest puppy I've ever fall for.
Now, this lil boy has grown up to be a rascal that's loved by not only me and Bear but many others with his tiny pair of 'shimmering' eyes.

Thanks Bear for all the memories and I'm loving you more than anything..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hearts Holis

Went to MacRitchie with Bear and Ody despite the rain.
We totally enjoyed ourselves and esp Ody.
This fearless rascal wasn't afraid of those Monkeys.
He even wanted to give them a chase!! (faints)
Totally unimaginable if they were to end up in a fight. (there were so many of them)
Took pictures while walking.

Monday, December 1, 2008


my weekend was great!!
with Bear planning everything.
really appreciate it.

but Ody's was bad..
all he got was a BBQ on friday nite and the rest of the days was left at home. :(
and he showed me his displease by peeing on the floor in the morning..
can't really blame him thou..
anyway, he wouldn't be locked at home this weekend as there is a gathering coming up.