Friday, August 31, 2007

Just for laughs

thanks to min, i have this laugh.
instead of working, she's making me loaf.
another cutie.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


You're such a jerk.
No way are you gonna step into my hse ever again
And I want you out of my sight
Don't even want to hear anything about you

All I have to say is, If you need sex, PAY AND GET OVER WITH IT!
You're such an ASSHOLE!
Worst jerk ever.
*points middle finger

Just to inform you that I'm not someone whom you can mess with
I'm capable of doing tonnes that you never expect.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


the kid is so darn cute
thank you sweetie min for sharing the clip

Monday, August 27, 2007

Burnt Weekends

I volunteered myself as a baby-sitter over the weekends
playing with the kids and staying up all nites
really tired.
in order to stay awake, we played mahjong and PICTIONARY.
had really great time playing that

shd have took a pic of what we've drawn
realised that me n pris have the same wavelength, baby and angela, han xin and gladys

thanks baby~
thanks for all the sleepless nights
thanks for making the effort to send me ard
thanks for the suppers that making me FAT!
thanks for everything that u've done.
love ya.

pics time. enjoy~

Friday, August 24, 2007


Been busy with my grandfather's wake
didnt really see this coming thou
Have been staying up nites, taking late nite supper and attending sch.
One is making me lethargic, the other is making me fat and last, making me a bore (witty bore thou =P)

missing the presence of his beloved son
grieving in the night
tying knots in his mind
starting to have sleepless nights

having no one to talk to
loneliness starts to overwhelm
emotions snowballed
heavy and weary the heart became

depression sets in
death is instilled in his thoughts
none of us know the seriousness
there goes a precious life

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Came across this article with the headline: Pet Camel Kills Austrilian Woman
I'm not really sure whether I shd be laughing to it or feel sorry.
Its really hilarious. Oopsy~
So ladies, think twice before choosing a pet ya.
Never try to be extraordinary!

My hammie died
He was so frail and skinny
He used to be the fatest lil hamster that I had
He was that fat till the extend that he cant even climb up the tunnel.
In order to make him exercise, I place the food on the upper deck.
It did help a lil but he became lazier and will nap beside it.
By the time we saw him that frail, we place everything on the lower deck and he'll slp in the lil house with bedding covering half the entrance. =)
His days are counted.
Day by day he's getting weaker and yups. =(
It is just a cycle that all mammals or living organisms have to go through.
Hope that he's happy in the other world.
Memories remain deep in my heart.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fashion Bar

went boozing at fashion bar.
the place is alrite
but the stay is bad
dun feel like elaborating
had turkish ice-cream before i left for home.
starting to love it too.

sorry baby.
shouldnt have made u so worried
and shouldnt have dozed off too
i'm just too tired
glad that u're coming back today.
miss ya heaps.
me <3 u

camwhoring (pimple face)
me looking kinda retarded with my ice-cream

Saturday, August 18, 2007


i simply love the bowling session with my colleagues yday
but my fingers hurt like hell
as usual, me not good bowler
'drain washer'
took a couple of photos too.
and i proclaim me and angela(my sis) as the no. 1 camwhore

i miss my teddy~
looking forward to ur return.
cant wait to discover the surprises

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Short Nite Out

had a short evening with the peeps, Amir, Brendam, Joanna, Liming, Rebecca, Shane & Shiya
it had been so looong since i last met up with them
went to catch 881.
heard good reviews, so gave it a try
overall, its not bad
lame but touching.
i think its worth the 7 bucks.
wonder Amir understand it anot.
and SHANE, vulgarities seems to be ur next best frens
not really nice lah.
not in a position to comment thou
but try to cut down ya.

Monday, August 13, 2007

What a day

had a real bad morning.
was darn worried cos i lost my HP pass.
but really grateful that someone picked it up and returned it back to me.
guess 'praying' does help
not sure if u'd prayed for me thou.
it feels good that u're there for me.
trying means to cheer me up.
effort appreciated, Joa.
guess i've learnt my lessons as not to allow the misunderstandings pile.
just miss the old times ya.
when we were all so naive and stuff

saw my prissy's blog.
i really brought me back to my SJAB days
when we just do all the crazy stuff
stayed behind for extra drills
all of us closely bonded
now its like all are busy with each's life
so hard to fix a date out.
and i'm always not available unless bdays and some special occassions.
my bad~

had a bowl full of laughter for lunch
shant elaborate but ya
time flies when I'm with u
just hope that time will stop for us when we're tgt.
=) mushy~

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Went to sentosa with the lil girls
Had loads of laughs and nonsense
CAMWHORING and stuff
Before I forget, I hereby award Gladys with the title, "World No. 1 Camera Whore!"
I simply love their company.
A very simple and pure one.
No backstabbing.
Treasure the friendship ya. =)

I'll miss my teddy bear over the weekends.
I feel like going too.

I have not have time to meet up with my girlies.
Feeling kinda guilty
Left with only one week before I tied down with all my sch proj and stuff.
Quite sick with this schedule.
Left with only one year!
Kinda relieve when I remain myself abt it.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I finally went prawning after so long.
Caught 9 prawns over 2 hours.
sense of satisfaction is there.
proud of myself.
enjoyed the company too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blog Hopping

saw this blog when i was blog hopping, as usual
quote :-
"as for the recovery time, i think its unfair to judge someone by how soon they date. for some people - the best way to recover is to date casually...but doing so doesnt diminish how much the previous relationship meant to them"

think its kinda well said ya?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


This thing just came to my mind
Due to premarital sex and etc
The abortion rate is rising
But how do the guys feel?
Are they there when the gals are going thru the process?
Will they love her even more?
As for the gals,
Are they able to go thru the pain?
Will they be loved in return?

Think the feeling is kinda bad when you're all alone facing all these issues.
Who dares to call the helplines?
Who will allow their parents to know about it?
Heard and seen too many.

After which, most guys dumped the gals and entered another r/s.
Pushed all away.
Silly gals still waiting for him to return to her side.

Monday, August 6, 2007


what does it mean when someone tells u that:-
work is like coffee.
it is bitter
u're the packet of sugar
makes the coffee not so bitter

infatuation again?
i'm not ready to go into another r/s
its still filled with Jeryd.
I miss him. =(
I still love him.

My Weekend Getaway

fri, went boozing and movie after work.
sat, baked cupcakes and went blading in the middle of the nite at ECP.
sun, baked cakes and went swimming in the afternoon with sistas.
doing stuff that I love to do.
doing them with the rite company.
enjoyed it loads.

feel as thou I've loosen a knot in my mind. =) an accomplishment? I'm not sure. But I'm sure that misunderstandings are cleared. Prob not all but I'm willing to make it a point to understand you more and catch up with the old times ya.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Random Observations

was at the bus stop waiting for the usual bus to bring me to the MRT station.
there was this old man with his son or grandson, sitting on chairs waiting.
was puzzled what they were doing till the bus came.
the bus is filled with a number of people who is not intellectually inclined.
after seeing him board the bus, the old man will stack 2 chairs up, bring it back to the coffeeshop with his umbrella in real small steps.
i can tell that he's having a real hard time walking.
feel like helping him but not sure what can i do.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


gotta view these sites, Audrey Kawasaki & Kendra Binney thru Priscilla's blog.
i love the paintings
esp this 'I'm ignoring you'
very lost for words today
gonna rest my brain for a moment
ended my paper
one less 'baggage'
time for friends man!
well deserved treats for myself