Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Female Drivers

Was amused by this female driver early in the morning. As usual, my bus will bring me right to my office from Yishun MRT. To Joanna, you can take the bus if you want to but you'll need to walk to Comtech. When the bus was turning into the Manufacturing Building of HP, we saw this young lady standing behind her car and the security parking her car for her. -.- This is such a disgrace to female drivers!! I mean if you can't park into a parallel lot, drive to the next available lot whereby it is not parallel. Is it true that female CAN'T drive? Guess its up to you people to judge..


I think I'm addicted to the game DOTA..
It had never been that fun playing Dota with my colleagues except...
Dota is the only way I get myself immersed in it and forget about all the stress and problems around me.

I'm down to one more paper and I'm free for the next 2 weeks? argh! This sucks but the lucky thing is that I'll be graduating in May 08. phew~No more studies shit and I'm intending to take up grooming courses, grooming for DOGS. In that case, I can groom Ody the way I want him to look.. LOL. Take up part-time at groom centres and etc. Prob might even run a pet shop? that's if I have the capital to..

Ody have yet recovered from his diarrhoea and after another round of lab test, he has parasite in his gut thus causing him to poo right after meal. Poor boy. The doctor gave him a special diet to follow and will have to cut down his usual diet by half. This made him really skinny and hungry. He'll try to eat anything that he'll be able to reach. Kinda lucky that he is not throwing up and that he is still active. Thank God. But it is really a chore to feed him his medication as its now liquid form. Will have to force it into his mouth while he will try to spit it out. argh!! I really hope that he will be fine before I leave for Bangkok else I am not sure what should I do about him.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sick.. Tired... Yawns...

Haven't been updating for a week? Been really busy with studies as exams is really round the corner.. Stayed up till late to study. This feeling is really bad.. Need LOADS of coffee tomorrow to keep myself awake b4 exams.

Did dota a lil to relieve TONNES of stress from work and revision. =) Guess I wouldn't score for this semester again. sigh..

I'm so proud of Prissy with her O's.
L1R5 - 15, R4 - 11
Just hope that you'll be able to get into the sch of ur choice. =)

Ody is SICK. He had been having diarrhoea.. Poor boy.. I admit that I've over-looked this matter because I'm out doing my revision and neglect the urgency to bring him to a vet..

Finally, brought him to the vet and the vet gave him an injection and some medicine to control his condition. It was really very bad.. I gotta force feed him and it really makes my heartache by doing so but I have no choice. He'll run away from me when he knows that it's medicine time. =( I have tonnes of cleaning to do due to him pooing all over. Tired!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bark Bark

Ody turned eight months old on 16 Jan 08.
Bought him a new bed and brought him for grooming today.
This cutie pie of mine is really a naughty rascal.
A rascal who bites on cables.. ARGH!!
Anyway, there are some pics of his latest grooming..
I think he's really handsome in this...

Monday, January 14, 2008


Can please send me this song if u have it...
Me hearts this big time...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Woofy Run

Felt a lil relieve after clearing just one assignment. -.-
I have one more to go and EXAMS..
What I hate the most. ARGH!!

Brought Ody out for a short run near Beary's place last evening.
I sure have to say that my lil baby had grown!!
In size and appetite. =)
Guess my love for him had grown with time too..
It is about time that Ody have a girlfriend.
Brought him back to the pet shop to take a look at the MS ger..
She's only 2 mths old and really very adorable.
I simply love her.. =)
But the commitment for another dog is a NO NO!
Unless Prissy is willing to pay for her own dog?!
Anyway, there is 2 dogs up for adoption.
  1. Silly Terrier (8mths old)
  2. Shih Tsu (2 yrs +)
Contact me if interested.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New YR

Went to Marina to catch the fireworks cum countdown on the eve of New Yr. Due to all the congestion and unavailable parking, we ended up parking the car nowhere watching fireworks. Heez. Didnt really get a very nice view of it but I think its good enough. Cos I need not squeeze with the people on the streets just to get to the carparks or even train station. Phew.

After that, we went to Dempsey Road. It seem to be where we really like to chill. Was thinking of chilling as PS Cafe but it seemed kinda packed so we headed to B&J for ice cream then to RedDot for Beer. Took a number of photos there too. Quite a nice and quiet place to chill. =)

But my New Yr Day is spent at home rushing my assignments. =(

Dempsey Rd