Monday, November 29, 2010

Shanghai I

I'm currently in Shanghai. Yes, I'm not a tad bit excited over this stay and I will only be back home in like January. Super turn off.

Mummy, Prissy and Ben sent me to the airport and Mum had to pay like 225 bucks for my overweight baggage. LOl. Now i'm thinking like how am I going to get it back to SG when I'm back? B surprised me at the airport too. If only I have Ody with me at least.

I have never imagined I could like bring blanket, pillows and other stuff back to the apartment all alone but I did it. I totally looked like those aunties carrying all the bags on the hand trying to hard to push the door open. Yeah! Watch more Taiwanese Drama and you will understand what I'm referring to.

The corridor lights are all on motion sensor and it only lit up for like 30 secs? After that, it will be pitch dark!! Seriously, you would not be able to see a thing. Freaking scary at the start.

Next, my apartment is like situated in the middle of the other 2 and my room is just above the corridor. At night when I sleep, I always fear that someone is opening my door because the next door people are just so close to me. Its like only 3 steps away from my door left and right.

Lastly, the stuff here are not cheap in RMB unless you were to convert it to SGD. How can the local even afford such stuff? Which means, who would I be able to afford them because I'm on local terms. =(

Have posted some pictures in Facebook too. So just keep connected via FB. =)

P/S: Blogger, Twitter and FB are blocked in China.

Friday, November 5, 2010


What is actually wrong with the youngers these days? Or I should say the society?
Someone got murdered just because of a staring incident? Raping cases?

Is Singapore still a safe place to stay in? I know that we shouldn't be complacent with the crime rates but should the education system change to cultivate the people to be more refine? Should the parents pay more attention to their children? Should the government provide more incentives so that the parents wouldnt have work that hard and neglect their children. In this case, birth rates might increase? I think we people should learn not to be rash and think of all the consequences before taking actions.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

301st post

i have been missing in action. haha.
too busy with work already..
meetings and meetings, new process and implementation..
i'm really very tired of it already.
i havent been exercising too..
this means that i'm gaining loads of weight too..

i'm one year older in October and i love my sugababes for the dinner and the very useful pressie!! =)
hearts you girls loads..
need to meet up with you before i fly.
and i'm really happy with my family too. =)
hearts the ladies in my family too..

as for my dudes, they are so so so disappointing lors!!
it's like whenever it's their bday i will make it a point to celebrate it for them but mine???
just a fb post.. -.-"
i know i shouldnt be calculative because they remembered but...
forget it lahs!!
men will always be men..

now, i have to pack my stuff and shop for items that i hadnt got.
i have yet prepare a checklist too..
save me from all these!! =x