Monday, June 21, 2010


Bokeh II

Personally, i am just not sure why I have this thing for bokeh and i simply love it.
Randomly browsing deviantART and i found hope in these pictures.

This is his uploads to deviantart -> Antontang

Sunday, June 20, 2010

true love

if one ever experienced true love, u will be able to accept the other party for whoever he or she is.
if one ever experienced true love, u will not want to hurt he or she with lies
if one ever experienced true love, u will love he or she wholeheartedly with all your breath and strength
but who ever did?

i did but i didnt get it back in return.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Shuo Huang

sunshine after the rain

after a hell of tears, i am feeling so much better.
and thanks so so so much Suga Anna, that's really sweet of you.
and thanks Son, for asking me out so as to keep my mind occupied.
I guess all of us have our own issues and just have to think of ways to curb with them and not allow it to affect us that much.
i guess exclusive love is what i want, but LOVE from everyone is a need!
so start showering everyone with love and they will shower u in return!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

你为什么说谎 - 丁当

这次我走开 再没有话要说出来
我不想再期待走下去 还能多精彩
可是我知道你 你为什么说谎

你说你还在 一分一秒也没走开
我想留在这里 可是这一切已太晚
你不必解释 你为什么说谎

说我没等过难过 我也想说
而我的泪 怎么就流下来

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

just when i needed you most

after so many years of living, i totally understand that the earth doesnt stop spinning just because you're down.
i presume this is the worst time of my life so far.
i hv lost my granny, and a guy that i loved left me.
it all happens so fast that i just realised how much these had affected me.
i am feeling lost and i do not know who to turn to for help.
i am still the one that does not reveal my true weak self.
i believe not many of my pals actually saw the very weak side of me.
the side that i broke down and cry my lungs out.
i have been living in a facade and i'm tired of this.
i wanna be happy and more positive, else the next suicide case might be me. lol..
not really sure who will be reading this but i am sure i'll be fine soon.
as soon as i have realised the purpose of me living. =)
till then...
i'm not so sure why am I feeling so down and confused.
i have actually finished reading a book, Buddha by Deepak Chopra.
thou it doesnt really illustrate the real journey of enlightenment, i felt so lost after reading it.
questions thrown to myself:
how can one be free from attachment?
what is filial piety?
with every birth there is death (karma) and how to break away from it?

think i will have to start thinking about it or i will turn to the dark side really soon.. lol.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Had a phone call early in the morning accusing me for what I have not done.
What a great start to the day!!
I have known you for a long period of time and I know what HONESTY means to you.
You on your end pointing fingers at me for no reason and expecting me to take something that I hadn't.
DEEM as you like!!
When I was with ya, I would have taken the blame for whatever even if I'm accused for something that I hadn't
But NOW, I'm myself and I have to stand by my name and I can totally prove that I'm CLEAR!!
Anyway, whatever...
To believe or not it's up to you..