Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mind Reader

Seriously, I'm not designed or made to read mind(s).
Why are people always having so much expectations?
Can't they just explain themselves?
Why must they always make things SO COMPLICATED?

I have little or almost no expectations from anyone.
In a way, I have given up on the hope of my expectations being fulfilled by others.
Thus, I'm working hard for what I want.
Perhaps, not working as hard as I'm supposed to but I'm still trying to.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daily Travel

Been taking public transport these days and of course, have found the most convenient (as in not much standing is needed) way to get around.

Boarded a train down to Potong Pasir last evening and saw this pregnant lady standing in front of the taken priority seat, yet no one offered her a seat, especially the one sitting on it.
Was she too engross in reading her book thus didn't notice or just too reluctant to give up the seat to someone who needed it more?
There are just too many this kinda people around, pretending to sleep, trying to look elsewhere and yada yada.
Worst of all, some can even stare at them as though they are some alien or whatsoever.

Didn't Teachers in school teach basic manners?
I remembered myself learning such morals in Primary School and Secondary School but why is it that no one or very few people practice these acts?
Have they forgotten all these or are they simply too lazy?

Myself, I believe in Karma.
I believe that if one does good, there will definitely be a repayment but in what form?
Who knows?!
I personally find that bringing smiles to people is really fulfilling though what was done is nothing great.
So I think it's really good if one can do just at least one good deed a month? (Every little actions counts)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blood Donation Drive

Once again, I went for a blood donation.
Since its so near office, might as well rite?
This time the number of staff was much lesser compared to before and therefore, waiting time is so much longer.
As usual, I felt damn good after donating but till now the part that they drew blood from is bruised.
Never had this happened, really puzzled.

Brought Ody to Marina Barrage on Sun and then to UPet for a swim.
I know Ody hates swimming but Zaedy simply loves it.
They looked totally adorable when swimming!!! <3
Will bring them there again and I'll swim tgt with them.. Wee!!
It's time to bring them to the BEACH!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When I see you...

I run out of words to say...

Friday, February 13, 2009


Ody wasn't feeling well the whole week. Sent him to the vet and he's feeling so much better now. Seriously, what I can't stand is that people are asking,"Why is there nothing wrong with Zaedy?" In addition, they commented,"This is so STUPID!!" I tried to explain but they just don't get it. FORGEt IT!! I deem you people as IGNORANT. TOTALLY PISSED!!

Anyway, Ody has very sensitive digestive system. He'll poo soft stools whenever he eats food that he's not supposed to. And I ever witnessed that he LS within 3 mins after eating kibbles. No point ranting here when it had past. As long as Ody is fine.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have to change to a new set of phone ASAP!
The side of my phone actually chipped off and is now left dangling.
In addition, the chipped piece is affecting the sliding of my phone..
It just get stuck!! argh!!

Furthermore, there are just too many things that I have to get.
Need to get a camera cos I lost it.
Feel so handicapped without a camera.

Weekends III

BBQ with the SGNorth peeps ->Mahjong till 4->Interrupted sleep at 730 by the boys->Grooming session for the poochies->Tour around Changi->Found a new fishing site

Thanks Ade and Vic for the ride. Really enjoyed the road trip. My first time seeing so many hermit crabs and they are really HUGE!! Definitely not those, ha ha crabs, you see selling in shopping centres.

Lastly, to Bear, Happy 18 Monthsary!!
Didn't manage to make a delicious cheesecake but I'll try to make it better the next time round ya?
I'm actually proud of my first attempt because of the look but not the taste. heez