Monday, July 28, 2008

Time Flies

We brought Ody to the dog run.
Saw the 3ios there and also Sniper and Julius.
Rocky grew to be a braver boy as he plays but seldom bark and growl, unlike before.
Though he grew, he still sticks to Tassie a lot.

Julius grew in terms of SIZE.
Gary mentioned that he eats loads of stuff like Durian and Ba Kua.
He is also one that is really manja.
Whenever Gary calls for Ody, he'll start pouncing on Gary.

Patrick the trainer from Waggies came over on Friday for a house visit.
He taught me how to knee Ody when he pounce up on us and of course toilet training.
So its up to me now on outdoor training or paper training.
Ody knows how to mark and start marking with his legs LIFTED!!
I'm gonna faint if he does that at home.

As for Bear, he's out consoling souls.
Despite that, he managed to squeeze some time out for bring Ody out for a ride and have a nice home cooked dinner with my family.
And of course, he's happy for me as I passed my Degree with a Second Class Honours.

Pics of the poochies..
Ody in his own world
The Grey, White and Black

Brushing is made loads easier with Les Pooch Brush.
Ody looks fluffy and matts at the 'armpits' are removed easily.
Now brushing is a breeze and he's looking great!!
Look at his leggings..
They are really fluffy!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

All Guys Outing

Brought Ody out to ECP for a ALL GUYS OUTING which includes Cobi, Divot and Ebi.
Ebi has a sis that was left at home cos all the guys aren't neutered. HUMPY?
Though it rained, we cycled to the jetty without fail.
Cycling a double is a real DRAMA!
Think Ody must be thinking that the hell are Mummy n Daddy doing.

Without fail, Ody will have his Emo act.
Once he's done with all the playing, he'll start snuggling between Daddy's legs and refuse to play with the others.
But I must say that he has one thing that he does the best is to be a KPO, the rest called him a policeman though. (Gimme face I suppose)
He will start barking at Ebi and Divot one they start to fight.
He wants to participate too I suppose. (:
To my surprise, he is really very well-behaved yesterday.
He'll sit when I ask him to, listens to all the commands.
So proud of him.
Having second thoughts on sending him for training since he's alright.

After cycling was Dinner.
We ordered carrot cake, popiah, satay, stingray (delicious), prawn fritters?, oyster omelette, chic wings and the tau pok!
I ate a whole load of food!!
Feeling really bloated and the NEA officers chased us out of the place because they don't allow dogs!!
Why can't be Singapore be like any other countries like States, whereby dogs are allowed in the shopping malls?

Went back home to try out the shampoo and brush!
Both were awesome!
Ody smell so hunky after using the shampoo and the brush made it so much easier to brush him.
No more evil matts and Ody is not feeling that painful when there is any.

After all the rain and hardwork, went out to spend the remaining night with my Bear.

Pics of the Outing...

Lil Emo boy
I Love the Wind Blowing my Beard
4 in a line
When Bear walks off
Divot checking Ebi out
My policeman is in the pic
My lil boy sulking!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Breathing Underwater Part III

Diving with complete strangers can be fun and also miserable. Mine was filled with both, glad to say that there is more fun. My only misery is to have all the sand kicked up into my face. This malay ger was trying very hard to maneuver in the water with her flippers. Not knowing how to use the flippers? Or not knowing how to kick with the flippers? She used her flippers as if she was a frog. Argh.. She was just all over the place dropping to the sea bed, clinging onto corals and bumping into everyone. It is really annoying!! The next thing is that my instructor showed her how to use her flipper with his hands, as its hard to speak in water. The next moment, she was stroking her hands in that motion the instructor did throughout the dive. I was almost on the floor when I heard that.

Spikey sea urchins made me swim away from them really fast! Whenever I see them I'll bring myself higher up by taking tonnes of short breaths or even inflating my BCD fast just not to get pricked by them. You'll fail to notice them when appreciating the corals and forgetting that they exist.

The 2 guys, Bear and Philipp, were awesome. Joking around, performing all the nonsense acts in water that almost made me gulp down a mouthful of water. They even tried provoking the pufferfish!! They were the two that did loads of stuff that made the trips a memorable one. Both of them even jumped off the upper deck of the boat!! Incredible huh? It takes loads of courage to do so!! Hell loads of it. They both did the backward drop into the water too. The feeling was simply indescribable. Advance divers did it, so did I. (:

The other 2 ladies? I would say that Vivien is a person with great personality. She is really CALCULATIVE! Besides that, she's a very knowledgeable person. I can tell that she's a workaholic as she sleeps at 2 a.m. and only about 4 hours a day. She mentioned that her boss even replied her email telling her that she should REST!! A workaholic taking a break, doing what she like. Total relaxation.

As for Elly, she's the one whom I mentioned above. A bigger bimbo compared to me. She was complaining that 7 is too early for her to get up as she needs at least 12 hours of sleep and will not get up till 12 p.m. Just too pampered. But one thing is that she didn't equalise properly. I saw her nose bleeding when we all surfaced from below. We were told very clearly on how to equalise but she just insist on saying that she can't when she's the one who reach the bottom first. What else can I comment when she refuse to listen to instructions.

All in all, the company were just great! I'm back home safe and I can't wait to do another dive. Diver friends, please call me if you are planning on any dives.. Will be more than happy to join. (:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Breathing Underwater Part II

Back from Tioman.
The dives were great.
Gotta know loads of interesting things and I PASSED my Open Water.
Most likely going on to Advance (join me if interested).

My 1st dive was screwed up.
I just can't equalise as I was too anxious to get myself up and down the line.
The visibility wasn't really clear and the lucky thing is that I didn't miss out on anything.

My 2nd dive was alrite.
Managed to get down till like 11.9m deep.
Keep knocking into one another.
It's so hard to control the buoyancy.
Managed to clear my mask, that's one of the skills that is needed to pass.
Nothing much to see though.

3rd dive was good.
Went down till abt 12m.
Saw alot of different species.
This time the visibility is so much better.
Able to see loads of corals and marine lives.

4th dive was bad.
Did a free ascend, listened to instructions as not to land on the bottom.
Visibility was BAD!
Having my some that keep kicking up the sand from the bottom, it just make things worst.
Saw 2 ship wrecks there, thinking that it was real.
Was actually hoping to see more from the wreck but as I was enjoying the murky water, I got LOST.
Unable to see the rest of them, panicked a lil.
Luckily Bear was there to guide me to where the rest were.

Last dive was magnificent.
The marine life is so nice that I totally enjoyed the corals and fishes there.
We saw a pufferfish that was abt 1m long and it's FAT!!
Next was the Black Tip Shark but no one trusted me saying that I have to prove it.
Anyway, Bear saw it too.
This last dive was a crucial one for me as I have to pass this dive to be certified.
As for the rest, they've passed but it doesn't mean that they'll be certified.
Refer to this site to see what I saw there.

Missed out on loads of nice pics like the sunset as I forgotten my camera.
The marine lives, as both were reluctant to get a underwater case, but most of the fun stuffs have been uploaded in my facebook album.
Just click on it to see what I've got there. (:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Breathing Underwater

Will be leaving Singapore for Tioman soon.
A well deserved break with the company of the sun, sand and sea.. :)
And of course, my ever loving big brown bear..
Will be there to do my open water dive.
Hope that I'm able to drown all my sins, be back alive and enjoy myself to the max.
I don't want to end up having to snorkel instead of diving.
I want to be able to clear my damn mask cos it is so farking hard to do so..
Will update more when I'm back.