Monday, July 28, 2008

Time Flies

We brought Ody to the dog run.
Saw the 3ios there and also Sniper and Julius.
Rocky grew to be a braver boy as he plays but seldom bark and growl, unlike before.
Though he grew, he still sticks to Tassie a lot.

Julius grew in terms of SIZE.
Gary mentioned that he eats loads of stuff like Durian and Ba Kua.
He is also one that is really manja.
Whenever Gary calls for Ody, he'll start pouncing on Gary.

Patrick the trainer from Waggies came over on Friday for a house visit.
He taught me how to knee Ody when he pounce up on us and of course toilet training.
So its up to me now on outdoor training or paper training.
Ody knows how to mark and start marking with his legs LIFTED!!
I'm gonna faint if he does that at home.

As for Bear, he's out consoling souls.
Despite that, he managed to squeeze some time out for bring Ody out for a ride and have a nice home cooked dinner with my family.
And of course, he's happy for me as I passed my Degree with a Second Class Honours.

Pics of the poochies..
Ody in his own world
The Grey, White and Black

Brushing is made loads easier with Les Pooch Brush.
Ody looks fluffy and matts at the 'armpits' are removed easily.
Now brushing is a breeze and he's looking great!!
Look at his leggings..
They are really fluffy!!

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