Monday, September 14, 2009


I used to be crying a lot day and night.
I thought of ending my life.
I stopped eating.
I just can't sleep.
Now, I am willing to let my blog readers know how weak a person I am.
I used to put a very strong front and not let others know the soft and weak side of me.
But now, I think there is no point hiding everything, keeping all my feelings to myself which in turn makes me even weaker.
Thanks Gabs for the wake up call!!
Without that, I think I will still be the miserable one. =)

I realised that I even seek solace from God.
I mean when you are really so down and need someone to provide guidance, He is the one who will stand by you without fail.
He will forgive you for all your wrongs and embrace you with all He can.
I know this sound really funny coming from me but it is really true.
By the way, I am not a Christian as many of my friends mistaken me for one.
In General, all religions teach you to be good!

Signed up for the 16km Mizuno run and I managed to complete it.
Mum was really proud of me too. :)
The hardest part of the run is the never ending slopes!
Anyway, will have to keep up with this and prepare for more runs in future. =)
People who are reading this, if you want to have a really slow jogger please ask me out for jogs.. =)