Thursday, March 27, 2008


Am really tired from everything these few weeks.
Nevertheless, I have my baby Ody to cheer me up always.
As usual, I will drag myself out of bed to prepare food for my sweetie pie.
Went to the kitchen to get the canned food and walked back to my bed for a short nap.
Then, Ody came to the door with his favourite Pooh bear and dropped it on the floor upon seeing me snuggling in my bed in disappointment.
His expression was simply adorable and I finally get out of bed, guilt-stricken, preparing his breakfast.
He really made my day with all wonders.
I simply love this lil doggy of mine..

Monday, March 24, 2008

MS Gathering

brought my lil Ody out for this gathering at Bliss.
thou its raining, i guess Ody enjoyed himself alot.
he practically conked out when he's in the car.

he met loads of his pals and made new friends too. =)
Jungle tried to pee on him... bad bad..
Gotta know that by feeding milk will make the dog GROW and really FAST!!
a toy poodle is now the size of a mini poodle or even a dwarf poodle.
I can tell the power of MILK!! laughs.

Here are some pics of the gathering.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Mthsary

To start of this rainy day at work, I decided to do BLOG!!

On the 9th of this mth, Bear and I had stepped into our 8th mth tgt.
I know that I'm quite a pampered girl, throwing tantrums like a kid, still you loved me unconditionally.
Went to mushroom park at Serangoon Garden for my mushroom steamboat.
I ate all kinds of mushrooms there most of them are not widely seen.
They are simply DELICIOUS!!
After the sumptuous dinner, we went to ECP for a short walk looking up in the sky for stars.
I know it sound very cliché... whatever!!
It's the company that matters.

Up next, on the 16th, Ody turned 10 mths.
2 more mths to his 1st year.
Longing for that day to come and I'll be celebrating his birthday for him.
Hey girls, LC, Gladys, YY please take note ar...
Will inform you of the date and time again.
Back to the topic...
Brought Ody to Sentosa.. =)
As usual, he's just so afraid of water.
Before entering the sea he'll start paddling.
It's really very very hilarious and cute thou he look stupid. =)
Before we could enjoy ourselves further, the rain came and this lil boy was shivering in cold.
Brought him to the toilet, rinsed him and dried him using the hand dryer.
I just love my 2 boys.
The big brown bear and the old looking young chap.

Here are the pics for the 2 events.. =)

P/S: Its not easy to take pics with animals.. Just look at my spastic look you'll know.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm happy for both of my younger sistas..
Stella got into Netball Super League (NSL), Mannas team. =)
And Prissy got into TPJC. Thou its not her 1st choice, she is kinda happy there currently.
Both my sistas have done us proud..

Introducing Netball to Stella since primary sch.
From an attacker (GA/GS) to a defender (GD/GK).
She is playing her position well now.
Great job sis.

Next Prissy....
Thou all of us know that she'll be able to make it to a JC, we just find that she had not put in enough to make it to her dream JC.
I guess it's kinda tiring for her now as she has to wake up at abt 0530 in the morning and always back at home after 10. -.-
Furthermore, her weekends are occupied with SJAB as passed the interview for OTC.
I know what I'm going to say will be stupid...
Just because I want to pass down all my uniform to the lil one, I psycho her to join SJAB in her sch.
To my surprise, she devotes most of her time in SJAB, training for competitions, going for camps and yada yada.

Guess both my sistas are really happy with what they are doing. =)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

The 1st birthday that my dad is not ard with us.
Today should be his 60th birthday if he were to hold on a lil longer.
I still miss him a lot after 11 mths.

He joked, he smoked, he wheezed
He was one of the pillar that I needed
For he was the only father that I have

He was there watching me grow
My mischievous acts, nonsense and silliness
Those are what bond us closer

Now he had left with memories behind
Memories of happiness and sadness
Giving me the momentum to move on


Friday, March 7, 2008

Senseless Post

He has been going to the gym for workouts..
That sucks cos I love him just the way he is..
Thanks bear for the toothbrush.. =P
It is really handy and I serious have to do nothing but to move it across my lined set of teeth.
Able to do it with my eye closed too..

Have comments that I've been paying too much attention on Ody.
Guess its much better these few days..
Cos he's getting much better still I gotta wake up like 545 in the morning to make him breakfast!!
Exhausted! Find that it's totally worth it.

Sch had been a chore but I'm loving the times with my mates there.
Gotta save for my convocation.. I wanna go to IRELAND!!
Pray hard and real hard that I'm able to make it there. :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This is my lil Ody..

He is hugging very tightly to his Pooh bear.. Definately not HUMPING. After visiting the 3rd clinic, he's finally feeling much better and diarrhoea is getting better. =) Was really getting worried but after seeing the improvement, I'm really happy!!

Naval Piercing

I always wanted to pierce my naval but after reading this article, I rather not do it. =)
Click here to know more...