Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm happy for both of my younger sistas..
Stella got into Netball Super League (NSL), Mannas team. =)
And Prissy got into TPJC. Thou its not her 1st choice, she is kinda happy there currently.
Both my sistas have done us proud..

Introducing Netball to Stella since primary sch.
From an attacker (GA/GS) to a defender (GD/GK).
She is playing her position well now.
Great job sis.

Next Prissy....
Thou all of us know that she'll be able to make it to a JC, we just find that she had not put in enough to make it to her dream JC.
I guess it's kinda tiring for her now as she has to wake up at abt 0530 in the morning and always back at home after 10. -.-
Furthermore, her weekends are occupied with SJAB as passed the interview for OTC.
I know what I'm going to say will be stupid...
Just because I want to pass down all my uniform to the lil one, I psycho her to join SJAB in her sch.
To my surprise, she devotes most of her time in SJAB, training for competitions, going for camps and yada yada.

Guess both my sistas are really happy with what they are doing. =)

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