Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eat, Laugh, Shop

Met up with Jiao and Min yday.
It has been a very long time since we last met each other(like 2 yrs) thou we stayed so near each other.
Just for your information, we stay in the same neighbourhood and just 3 mins away from each other.

Went to Waraku at Sq2 after much of indecisive suggestions.
I must say that the food there is SUPERB!!
It is even better than some Italian restaurants out there.
I must say that their Grapefruit drink is kinda horrendous.
Jiao was having a very hard time drinking it and ended up sneezing non-stop.
Walked and shopped around the place and found a place to rest our feet, took a couple of photos.
Talked about how we actually know each other and was nowhere near concluding the actual details.
All we concluded was that we know each other through IPP.
Had a great time laughing at all the jokes and the things that we did before.

Anyway, Good Luck Jiao for your exams.. =)

look at them..
me and min
min and jiao
jiao emo

trying to make her look happier
her shag look after the whole nite of studying

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bear Birthday

Went to Sentosa and stayed over at Siloso Beach Resort. (photo)
The room was great and there's a roof top jacuzzi just nice for the 2 of us.
Bad thing of the whole trip was that it rained non stop.

Went to Zouk with Bear and his friends.
It has been years since I last step into a club.
Gotta help my Bear drink as his pals are 'monsters'.
They are all out to make Bear drunk.
Of course, we both puke!!
Slept for only 3 hrs and I'm unable to get back to dreamland.
I'm freaking tired now but have to prepare the food for tmr's pot luck.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I find that this might be informative for dogs owners.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ody's OT

After 10 weeks of training, Ody failed his OT.
I must say that I've seen loads of improvement after OT and my objectives are met.
As for him failing, I'm rather disappointed as he did pretty well in all except Stand for Examination.
First of all, he refused to stand becos Patrick was near him.
When Patrick walked towards him, he ran off and came to my side.
Patrick then asked me to put him in Sit Position and he walked towards Ody again.
Ody was just too petrified that he ran to my side again. sigh.
It was an immediate failure thou Ody performed pretty well for his Sit-Stay and Down-Stay.
Anyway, I'm always welcome to go back for a re-test. sweat.
I'm sure I'll bring him back for a re-test and make sure he pass well this time. (with Patrick not touching him for "Stand for Examination")

After training, brought him to Pet Movers tgt with Pebble and Cobi.
They really enjoyed themselves by getting all dirty and being able to ran about with no restrictions.
Then we headed to Urban Pooch to celebrate the completion of OT.
As usual, I'll make Ody Sit-Stay before he's allowed to take his meal.
He's so protective over his food that when Pebble went over to check his food out, he almost fought with Pebble over that.
Bad lil boy he is.
Spanked him and he obediently sat and one place and wait for my 'OK' command before he can take his meal.

Went home in disappointment still but I'm still very very proud of my lil boy. =)
Showered him, blow him dry, brush him and yada yada.
Of course, with loads of pretty helpers and Ody was so loved by them.
Thanks lil girlies.
Ody BoyEbi
God Brothers
Smiley Boys

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Children's Home

Went to Serangoon Gardens to do a volunteer work with Bear and the MRS forum members.
The home housed children from many different backgrounds like single parent family, low income family and yada yada.
They are rather rowdy and notorious in general.
Shouting and pushing their peeps away when anyone is irritated.

Bear and I were with this group of little boys who just finished their PSLE.
They were supposed to do their work with us tutoring them but we were too engross with the rubik's cube that we joined in the fun too.
Watched for a while and left for another table.
Played UNO with the girls this time round.
I'm just such a bad influence. =P
There was a guy who was playing the piano and soon after one volunteer came in, he was asked to stop and start tutoring them.

Overall, it was a rather fun and meaningful day.
Will do something like this more often. =)
Will train Ody to be a therapy dog bringing joy to the folks. =D

Hall where they do their work

i know i shdnt be playing with them
the cars

she's just camera shy
dodge ball

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Was working from home yesterday and did something really mean to Ody.
I placed segments of chewing sticks on his paws and made him 'leave it'.
Didnt manage to get a shot whereby he's licking his 'lips'.
God damn farny ok..
I think he's gonna hate me..
me with the sticks.
look at my sulk
i really can't resist it anymore

Monday, October 13, 2008


Ody was raped during prawning by Alan and Jun.
He was being passed around for photo taking.
Here are the photos.

Went fish 'feeding' and 'longkang' fish catching at Qian Hu.
It was whole load of fun and laughter.
Then all headed back to Yishun for a round of singing and photo hunting!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Been feeling really blue these days.
Not sure what had got into my mind.
Nothing seem to cheer me up, not even Bear.

Anyways, just hope that my weekends will be filled with loads of FUN!!
Can't wait to meet the lil girlies..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Glutton Us

Tian Jin Restaurant ->Yishun GV (Mamma Mia) -> Home.

It has been 2 years since we last went there for a meal. Dad had loved the food there and would never venture into anything other than Chinese Cuisine. We had loads and loads of food gulped into the gut.

Since we find it a little too early to get our asses back home, we headed down to Yishun GV for Mamma Mia. The movie was FABULOUS! It's a must watch! All of us enjoyed it except 'BAO FACE' as she find it too boring.

Lastly, back home with my Ody darling. He had been really bad last nite. Walked into the cage with the intention of peeing but peed out of it. Worst of all, he peed at 3 different locations. argh! And the thing that comes after peeing is POO! Damn! Carried him out of the house ASAP and brought him out for his business. -.-'' This lil rascal is just trying his luck over and over again. Anyways, he just went for grooming at Stormville. I'm really very satisfied with the grooming and will be sending him back there for MORE GROOMING!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Had a really wonderful celebration for my birthday, planned solely by Bear and the theme is SKY. I was brought to the Singapore Flyer on 1st Oct to catch the sun set ride but to our dismay, the clouds were just too thick that made it impossible. Nevertheless, it was a rather fun ride with people of different backgrounds and countries sharing the same capsule with us. Shaunnie Bear was up with us too. I can tell that he's also enjoying the scenic view.

Before going catching the ride, we both went to Build-a-Bear and that's how Shaunnie Bear comes about. I choose this Bear named Champ due to the patched heart on the left. Next, it stuffing time. I stuffed the bear with the help of the SA and lil Bear has 2 hearts. Hearts that will make him handsome but not clever. Laughs. He might be 'hong sim' thou. Showering him seems so fun!! Brushing him all over and it is so much easier compared to showering my lil rascal, Ody. And now down to dressing him up. Red boxers with hearts motif was what we chosen as not the cover the patched heart and he will be in his PJs all day waiting for me in bed. :P Bear chose the Happy Birthday cupcake and rose for me too. After paying, I gotta say a vow. A vow that will promise lil Bear that I would love him and not abandon him. This made everything more meaningful. Lastly, lil Bear has a birth certificate too. =)

Roamed around in town, looking for places where Oktober Feast will be held. Perferably one that can hold dogs too. :P

When its close to midnight, Bear brought me to Dempsey Road. Supposed to spend my 0000hrs at P.S. cafe but it's closed. :( Headed down to Ben and Jerry's and to our disappointment, they were closed too. sigh. I was sulking by then. In the end, Bear brought me to Oosh, I spent my last birthay there too. At 0000hrs, the band sang me a Birthday song and a chocolate trufle was served. I was totally surprised. Thanks Bear for taking so effort in making this work.

And on my actual day, Bear bought me a balloon with Happy Brithday printed on it together with a yellow party hat and drove up Mt Faber for Sky Dinning. Knowing that I will love watching the sunset, he brought me there before the sun could set. To our disappointment again, the thick clouds dampened the excitment. Regardless the sunset, we enjoyed our dinner pretty much. A chocolate mousse birthday cake was served too. slurps.

To bear, I am really touched with the execution of all these plans and thanks loads for making it work. :) You're the only one who made this special day so splendid and romantic. Love ya heaps.. xoxo.