Monday, June 30, 2008

Fear of Losing You

After watching this clip, I really fear of losing you.
Thinking of you making the noise last night terrified me.
Was wondering if you will wake up in the morning.
As you grow older each day, it will remind me that you are leaving me soon.
This make me want to love you more and stay by your side.
Pardon me if I have no time for you as I have other commitments.
I'm sorry for spoiling you so much.
Just know that I love you and always do.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

MS Gathering

Brought this lil boy out to another gathering. Woke up at abt 6 to heat all the doggy food up which i bought from US dog bakery. Ody joined me with the heating up and demanded for some deliciously tempting MEAT BALLS!! He was jumping and whining for food all the while esp when USDB just delivered the food over. Ody was so excited with the food that he kept walking to the kitchen with or without anyone opening the fridge door. Waiting and hoping someone might just give him some food.

I must say that this gathering is THE BEST gathering ever. Going out to sentosa, pot luck for all is so much more fun than just walking into a cafe. Thou preparation is a torture but it is really worth it. =) The sun, sand, sea and FUN that we experience is so different today. With all the dogs unleashed and swimming in the sea, with the delicious food that all the owners prepared, it was simply HEAVENLY.

And of course, without Bear sending us there it wouldn't jave been possible. Thou he behaved like a polar bear today. Hiding in the pavilion, eating loads of food. Didn't expect Bear to talk so much to other owners today too. He used to just talk to the usual familiar ones but today was just exceptional. He talked and joked too. Using me as the topic FOREVER!!

Picture speaks a thousand words....

Cheeky Emma

Ody kiss Ebi Kor Kor (BBM?)
Bear n Dog
Rocky 2
Tassie having fun
Ody watching Looking for food
Ody and 3-ios
Can I have some COKE?


Sign Off with Ody

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Say Dogs Can't Talk

This is a dog saying I LOVE YOU..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

U-Petmega Mall

Ody was supposed to go Pet Movers Dog Run but it rained cats and dogs in the wee hours.
In the end, I brought Ody to U-Pet Mega Mall for a swim with a lift from Adeline, a.k.a kiki78, cobi ma.. Met up with Ebi the most huggable dog.. hugs..

As usual, he was so so afraid of getting himself wet and thus he got some help from ME! =D
He really enjoyed himself loads but very emo after all the enjoyment.
Perhaps missing all these fun without Bear, looking out at the door all along.

I felt really guilty when I put him in the water.
Once I put him in, a dog just went to him and tried biting his neck.. OMG!!
Hastily carried him out of the water and check for any punctured wounds. ARGH!!
That was the same dog that almost drowned Cobi too.

Enough of all the grandma story... Piccies time!!
before getting out..

He starts EMO-ing alr.

All wet

Are more frens coming?

Can I play with ya?

JRT swim..

Choo Choo Train 1

Choo Choo Train 2

And the GRs are just having loads of fun...

More pics over at Ebi's blog and kiki's album

Tuesday, June 3, 2008