Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm back from my getaway trip, Taiwan!! =)
I'm so exhausted from the trip. Had been moving around in the tour bus from point to point and waking up at 5ish throughout the whole trip is horrendous. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed myself. Will skip the day to day itinerary.

As usual, after checking into the hotel in the night, B and I went out for supper though we were both so so bloody filled up. We sat at this dessert stall eating our dessert and some roadside stall food, and this medium-sized stray came out from nowhere came to our table and started staring at B with his very very big and watery eyes, begging for food.. Initially, both of us kinda ignored it but it just kept staring at B and its persistence really paid off.

The later few days were really cold!! Temperature dropped from 20 odd to 10 odd and the wind was blowing 'non-stop'. Walking out on the streets in the evening can kill cos we didn't expect the drastic change in temperature. Despite us freezing, we refuse to buy a thicker coat at the night market. Yes, we both are just too stubborn. Worst of all, we challenged each other to eat ice-cream in such condition. LOl..

Hot spring was great minus the CHEENAS that were really really a turn off. The smell of sulphur from the hot spring is still manageable and i took a dip in the pool where the temperature was 42 degrees celsius.. It feels totally awesome after soaking myself in the water..

Shopping was fun!! Though I didnt really buy much back due to them selling mostly winter apparels, being able to eat and shop at the same time is really really great! Why cant spore just be like them?

I'm really hungry NOW!! Thinking of the chicken cutlet!! slurps...

Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm am so in love with BOKEH ever since I saw Dave took the X.X photo for Adil when we were out for some photography sometime during xmas09. Have been trying it out with my own little camera and I've been really hooked on it. Though I have yet take a really nice one, I will try it out over and over again till i get it!! Persistence is needed in photography!! And I really need to rush up on my lousy skills too! ):

Here are 2 nice shots that I hearts...





Monday, March 15, 2010

Naive Love


Love can be that naive and pure to children.
If only in the 'adult' world it can be the same... it'll be really pretty..
But it only happens in fairytale. =(

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breathing Exercise

Met a really interesting guy on the bus today.
He's an indian, tall and middle aged.
First, he took his counter out and started clicking it. I presume that he is chanting some chant in his heart.
Next, he started doing some breathing exercise which i learnt from taking up yoga. LOL.. At that point of time, I had the urge to do it together with him. But, after much thoughts, I think it will be really funny so I didn't and I wasn't feeling that good too.

Went kayaking on Sunday. It was really tiring! It has been ages since I last did that and I totally enjoyed myself. Whee! I'm so looking forward to more outdoor activities.. La, Pris, Gladys and YY, when are we going for ours??