Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Been Good?

Attended a talk on practicing Buddhism over the weekend. Kinda interesting. =) Shan't elaborate cos it may be a bore to some.

Hadn't have a nice good week these days. On Monday, I forgot to bring my lappy back to work. -.- what a lame excuse. Worst of all, boss flew to SG for meeting and saw me rushing off. Oops.. Rushed home to get my lappy and back to office.

Tuesday, I missed the bus to office. FUCK!! I hate this man. Having a colleague in the bus but he does nothing at all. Knowing that I will be going to work but he just keep mum and allow the bus to leave without me. argh!! I can do nothing about it cos of some personal reasons and also it is because I'm LATE! BLOODY SHITE!!

Today, almost got my head separated from my body!! The freaking lift door just closed right at the corner of my slit eyes. FUCK!! The people in the fucking lift are supposed to fucking hell press the FUCKING DOOR OPEN BUTTON!! SHITE!

These 3 days FUCKINGLY SUCKS!!

Nevertheless, I went for blood donation yesterday. Still very scared of needles but I took the courage to sit through it. Of course, that is with the help of my colleague. =) This time round it didn't hurt much. Feel kinda happy about it too.. =)

Lessons had started.. It'll be another war for 3 mths after which I'll be free.. That's if I dun FAIL any paper.. Pray hard, Work hard. =)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Moving Around

I'm freaking pissed but I can't do a damn. On my way to work in a cab, using my last cents to pay for the fare, I've made up my mind to get a Class 2B by the end of this year and of course my little scooter too. Be it a Vespa or Runner. I will get them once I get my license. In this case I'll be able to go around the small island without having to worry and bother people. Will not have to be under other's call and I can go wherever.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Valentine's Day

In short - Dinner -> Movie.

Before all that, I had my favourite Fishball noodles. Knowing the fact that I love fishballs, bear bought me a bowl of fishball soup too.. In total I had like 16 fishballs? I can imagine myself looking more and more like one too.

I know the first statement may sound really boring but the fact is that it is just so lovely. =) Bear brought me to Raffles Town Club for dinner, which he had made a reservation a month ago. I must say that should be the most expensive dinner I've ever ate. The ambiance was really nice despite the fact that the people dinning there are mostly like late 30s? laughs. Had a sumptuous meal and I love the Lemon Sherbet. yummy...

After dinner was movie. I took me a hard time to get the freaking tickets for P.S. I Love You. Wanted to catch it at GV but they are all sold out even before the 14th. Hence, I booked the tickets online at Shaw (Lido). I have to say that though the theatre is huge, the seats are really cramp! I HATE WATCHING MOVIE THERE!! The show was alright most likely due to the fact that I've read the book and the movie does not seem to be as 'touchy'. Expected myself to tear though. =X

As for gifts, I bought him 2 AX tees which I think cost me a bomb due to the fact that I had spent majority of the cash on BKK and study loan. He got me a Longchamp bag and of course flowers, yellow roses. I know that does that stand for but I just love them alright. Anyway, I'll be expecting like Sunflower the next time round. LOL. So long as the flower is yellow is guess I'll like them except Chrysanthemum. =P

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're half year OLD

We've been together for 6 months! This 6 months have been a roller coaster ride for us due to the time that we have for each other. He has his cafe hiccups and I have my never-ending assignments and exams to handle. Nevertheless, these 6 months have been really fruitful with the company of my Bear and Ody. =) They've never fail to brighten my day though at times things just go haywire. Its really a great thing to have met him. There is just this little thing that is between us and us only. -winks-

I think I will need a potion to be not as silly and blur. Made him a collage as usual but this time I sent it to the wrong address!! -.-" I thought it will be a sweet gesture of sending it to him while I'm away but WHO KNOWS...

I'm really grateful that he really put in the extra effort in balancing his time for me and his friends and of course, NOT SMOKING. He is really nice to pick my phone up from the airport's lost and found when I've lost it there. =( But I think that we did not handled that well and....

We had our dinner at White Dog Cafe and then after CJ7. Both the dinner and movie was great. Its the first heartwarming movie that Stephan Chow acted in and directed though the storyline is a little expected and ridiculous (as usual) but I seriously find that it is worth watching. Thumbs up.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bangkok Trip

Went to Bangkok with my family and I shared a room with Prissy and Stella.
All we did there is to SHOP n SHOP..
Seriously there is nothing much to blog about cause there is no sightseeing trips to the temples or whatsoever.

The littlest Benjamin was really funny and notorious thou.
We were at the manicure parlour and he whispered into my ears, "Look at that man.. He is wearing girl clothes." I just told him not to mention anything and just stay ard and not create trouble for me. After manicure, we went to Starbucks and had a drink. Ben started yekking... Just now that boy is wearing girls clothes you know? Then he elaborated, "He's wearing earring, hair clip tying his long hair up and HE IS WEARING A BRA. And I'm not wrong cos he sounded like a BOY!!" Just can't stop laughing when I heard that.

Bought tonnes of clothes back from there.
Sad to say, I'm a 'M' in their country.. =(
In no time I guess I'll be 'L'...
Will post some nonsensical photos up soon. =)