Monday, April 27, 2009


Haven't touched this blog for a long time I supposed.
1st news to road users, watch out for me on the road!!
I've passed my Traffic Police Driving Test with 18 demerit points.
Drove Bear's bluey to AMK Hub at tortoise speed. LAUGHS!
Most importantly, Bear survived the ride!

2ndly, I've went to Korea and is back BROKE!!
Bought darn load of stuff for Prissy. (shoes, pens, clothes and yada yada)
Enjoyed the temperature and FOOD there!!
Will definitely go there again if I can. :)

3rdly, Ody is turning 2!
Time flies really fast when we are unaware of it.
He's so much more well behaved compared to before but he's far to ALPHA!!
He is no longer submissive and doesn't like to be pawed either.
This has to be corrected else he'll be getting into dog fights..

P/S: Have uploaded photos on my trip to Korea in Facebook. Do view it from there. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I seriously have to stand up for myself cos it sucks being pushed over by others.
Personally, I think I'm really not fit to do business.
I can just give up my profits just because my partner mentioned something and I'll give in to it though it's not the actual intended.
It's not the first time and I'm repeating it all over again.
This sucks to the coree~
Will never do anything with her again!!
I'll have my own profit and she'll have hers.

I'm really hoping that others projects will work. :)
No more 'Roti-Prata-ing' of words!! :P

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

In less than 24 hours I'll be in a foreign land.
A land whereby citizens don't usually speak English.
A land whereby loads of shopping can be done. :)
And people with LOADS of common sense will know that Bear's free for the week!!
He's available for anything and everything.
Ody will be with his Godpawrents, Ade and Vic, having the company of Cobi.
No more 'annoying' lil cutie, Zaedy boy.
No more choking on his golden fur that sheds like crazy. :P
As for mummy, she's all good with her other 3 precious daughter. :)

Guitar Lessons

Now I totally understand the pain that all musicians have to go through.
My fingers are totally aching after my first guitar lesson last evening.
It kinda feel blistered and I just can't seem to get the chords rite.
Kinda pissed with myself but the Instructor was saying that it'll be alright. -.-
From the bottom of my heart, I FINALLY TOOK UP MY GUITAR LESSON!!
Been having this thought and finally took the first step together with Bear.
Sustaining a relationship in Singapore is really hard, nothing much can be done and we thought of picking up guitar. Another skills I suppose. :P
Am looking forward to my next guitar lesson.
Till then...