Friday, January 25, 2008

Sick.. Tired... Yawns...

Haven't been updating for a week? Been really busy with studies as exams is really round the corner.. Stayed up till late to study. This feeling is really bad.. Need LOADS of coffee tomorrow to keep myself awake b4 exams.

Did dota a lil to relieve TONNES of stress from work and revision. =) Guess I wouldn't score for this semester again. sigh..

I'm so proud of Prissy with her O's.
L1R5 - 15, R4 - 11
Just hope that you'll be able to get into the sch of ur choice. =)

Ody is SICK. He had been having diarrhoea.. Poor boy.. I admit that I've over-looked this matter because I'm out doing my revision and neglect the urgency to bring him to a vet..

Finally, brought him to the vet and the vet gave him an injection and some medicine to control his condition. It was really very bad.. I gotta force feed him and it really makes my heartache by doing so but I have no choice. He'll run away from me when he knows that it's medicine time. =( I have tonnes of cleaning to do due to him pooing all over. Tired!!

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