Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New YR

Went to Marina to catch the fireworks cum countdown on the eve of New Yr. Due to all the congestion and unavailable parking, we ended up parking the car nowhere watching fireworks. Heez. Didnt really get a very nice view of it but I think its good enough. Cos I need not squeeze with the people on the streets just to get to the carparks or even train station. Phew.

After that, we went to Dempsey Road. It seem to be where we really like to chill. Was thinking of chilling as PS Cafe but it seemed kinda packed so we headed to B&J for ice cream then to RedDot for Beer. Took a number of photos there too. Quite a nice and quiet place to chill. =)

But my New Yr Day is spent at home rushing my assignments. =(

Dempsey Rd

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