Wednesday, December 26, 2007

XMAS without photos

Had a nice steamboat xmas eve dinner with my family.
It was great with MJ session and cake from AWFULLY CHOCOLATE..
Simply love the company.

Next, Bear and I went prawning. =) With our newly bought rod, we caught about 15 prawns in 3 hrs. But we brought home 26 prawns... YEAH!! A really kind lady gave us hers. Not sure why but the whole night I told Bear this... "You are here to charm the prawns so we have more catch, not to charm the ladies to get more prawns." laughs. Now its my turn to prepare a sumptuous instant noodles with prawns for this boy. =D

We brought Ody to Pet Movers again but without my camera. =( I can tell that he really enjoyed himself this time round. Is my lil Ody too ambitious that he only likes to play with BIG DOGS. Husky and GRs are his fav. Sad to say, a beagle violated him. laughs. He humped on my dog. OMG. ON A MALE PUP!! Bear went to stop the humping thingy a couple of times. Bathing this rascal was a hassle. With no shampoo, we went into the shop to get it and Bear left the rubber scrub at the washing area. And of course, it'd been STOLEN. Whatever!! Ody smell so much better with the new shampoo. Hearts the nice scent. After that, went to Bedok 85 for dinner cos I wanna eat something cheap. But I guess with the amount of food we ordered, its nowhere cheap.

After such a heavy meal, I woke up in the morning with INDIGESTION. PUKED all my food out. yew~ It sucks and smells. =( should stop all these excessive eating!! I'm feeling real bad NOW.

All in all, this year's xmas is not as fun. Its due to what happened in the earlier months. Anyway, I got this new phone from Beary. Thanks Love.

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