Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Not sure what had bitten me but the bite is really horrendous. Thinking that it's only a mosquito bite, didnt really bother much abt it. Beary applied some medication on it and hoping that I'll feel better. To my surprise in the morning, it swelled even more!! Might be due to the excessive scratching when I'm sleeping. The worse thing is that it hurts when I walk and thanks to my itchy fingers, there's some fluid oozing out of the badly scratched bite. Going to a doctor later. God please tell me that it's nothing fatal. (a lil exaggerated.. I KNOW.)

Not only that, my ears have been swelling from naggings and whinings. =) Beary, I understand that time has been hard on you but no matter what, I'll be there for you alright. I need to see Dr. Yong soon. Guess my middle-ear infection is back. It hurts!!

I'm getting old.. REALLY old with all these pain and illnesses. Undergoing some PRE-MATURE AGING!! HELP ME!!! Praying hard to my Guardian Angel that all these will go away before X'mas.

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