Sunday, April 4, 2010

hearts mummy loads

i've been at home over the long weekend and realised how great my mum is. she is such a loving mother who cares and loves us despite e wrongs that we have done. she taught us loads and i really appreciate what she had done for us.

in fact, she stayed up late for the past few nights waiting for us to be home before she turn in for the day. i was with her watching tv programmes, accompanying her wait till she's tired. thou she always mention that her girls are old enough and she couldnt really be bothered with our lives, deep inside her, the worried worms still surface.

i remembered when i just broke up w Bear, i went out drinking alot, practically stopped eating for a month or so and she got really worried. she kept bringing me out even to wet market just to make sure i'm alright. she tried cooking food that i like so that i would start eating again. she is just so wonderful! she is always be there to shelter me thru the storms.

mummy, i love u loads! :)

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