Thursday, July 12, 2007

I can no longer cope

i think i need counselling!!
i've been going thru alot after my dad's death
mum pinning high hopes on me
sistas giving tonnes of probs
unable to meet deadlines for sch work
grandad going into depression
frens nv understanding yet complaining
i'm going bonkers soon
really not sure how long more i'm able to hold on to all my emotions
i'm going nowhere with everything up in my mind
i'm really drowning
drowning deep inside


Priscilla said...

hi there~ Be strong dear, need to find people to go shopping with can call me and Qianni! We are both very free ya know! Msn: pixy[at]joy[dot]nu!

bonkers bitch said...

how did u come across my blog. :)
thanks babe.
will ask val n my sis too..
the 5 of us.