Friday, July 20, 2007

Quote for the day 20 07 2007

"A True Fren Is SomeOne Who Sees The Pain In Ur Eyes While Everyone else BelievEs In Ur Smile"

i got this from a fren thou
its his msn nick!
i find that it just speak for itself
dun u think so?
everyone has their own worries and stuff
but only true frens will see the pain
and others will see the 'joy' in ur smile
its just the facades of life

i'm happy for LM cos she no longer have to go thru the pain n sufferings of chemo
i know its not easy to be strong given ur situation
but life goes on rite?
i'm happy that u'll be fiddly fit as b4
i really wish to hang out with u gals more
due to time constrain
i really cant
will meet up with u ppl after my paper ya?
that's a promise!

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