Friday, July 6, 2007

Writer's mood

We first met at the rock wall
A wall where friendship begins
Soon encroaching into another level
Bringing us closer

Bickering is our routine
Jokes are no longer accepting
Quarrels became periodic
Emotionally hurt indeed

Exchange of blows minimized
Words that hurt diminished
Communication no longer simple
Leaving us adrift

Many words are left untold
Sentiments kept deep inside me
Tinted love is hard to maintain
But is it worth another try

Didn’t expect myself to come out with all these but I’m sure they are from the bottom of my heart. As for the card, I think it really describe how much we’ve tried to overcome all the differences we’ve been through. Don’t want to spoil the card by writing anything. Just wish you luck in your next relationship and remember those things written on the card. Being rash doesn’t solve anything but worsen everything. Thanks for all the wonderful times you gave me and those good that I’ve learnt from you. Take care. BIG HUGS!

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