Tuesday, July 17, 2007


i'm serious on this
i've been saying hurting words to my pals
i'm really sorry
i thot that'll be better for us
and i hope it'll be

kisses: -
Oh, i luuvve kissing. *sigh* I could kiss a man for hours and be content with just that. Sometimes, I actually enjoy it more sp than having sex. :P A make-out session can lead to other things, but when two people just kiss to kiss, there is something very special about it... something very intimate... something verra, verra delicious. *g* Perhaps it's because there's not thinking in a kiss, you just do it. There's no goal in a kiss; you're not trying to get someone off. You just want it. Just to feel it...
*quoted from the book bitches

I feel the same too!
Was showered with it and will be too.
Its just a matter of time.

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