Monday, November 30, 2009

My New Toy!

Finally bought myself a camera.
This time, I will try not to lose my camera again.
Went to Sitex to try out the Canon G11 but decided on Panasonic Lumix LX3. =P
Comparing the lens, size and weight, LX is on the upper hand.
One thing that I like about G11 is the extended screen.

Brought Ody to AMK Hub after his training for my camera. =)
He was totally a chick magnet.
The showgirls were so amazed by his good behaviour when I put him on the chair, he did not jump off the chair but sat there patiently waiting for me.
Those girls do not know that Ody is undergoing a series of tough training to attain such 'good' behaviour.
Now, I gotta work on Zaedy!
He's totally hopeless!! =X

Was so excited that I dig Prissy and YY up from bed after the batteries are fully charged.
We walked the dogs to Yishun Park instead of the intended, Bottle Tree Park, due to the rain.
Enjoyed ourselves very much! :)
Prissy and YY played like they were still a lil kid.. haha.
Photos posted on FB

Here are some pictures that I took when I was out with Mummy and Lala. =D

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