Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gloomy Weekend

It's Tuesday and I'm thinking back on what happened over the weekends.
The only word I can use was HORRENDOUS!!

First, Zeng Yuan organised KTV and didn't turn up leaving me and Yong Jie thinking that he'll be reaching hour after hour. The worst part was that when we ended everything, he didnt want to pick up our call!! Totally pissed, didnt wanna talk to him at all thou he asked for another KTV session. My point was that he should learn from it as we made time for him and he did this to us. Not going to delicate time just because he wants it that way. LOl. Yes.. I may be petty but he ought to learn that not everyone is so free for him to be played out.

Next, Lala didnt something really wrong and instead of feeling sorry for her actions, she got really defensive. sigh. My this sista really have a mind of her own and can be really stubborn at times. I am just hoping that time will make her more mature as it ticks slowly.

Lastly, the top level manager passed away all of a sudden. Nothing much to comment. =( Sent him off on Monday.

The only happy thing was that I so enjoyed seeing children so facinated with bubbles. They were running towards the guy who was creating the bubbles, jumping up and down trying to catch the bubbles. Its just so nice being a kid, having such fun. I kinda miss my childhood days. Please bring me back to my childhood days...

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