Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I guess many does not know the art of appreciation, the art of showing appreciation.
Like me? I guess I'm just one of them. =)
after 21 yrs in this world.
Call me a spoilt brat, a bitch or whatever that comes to your mind.
Just think of the amount of appreciation you received till now.
No one thank you for your good but scrutinise your bad.
It's not that we are not open to comments but there is a word called, "BALANCE".
Sing some praises if needed. It really make one's day.
My pal Joanna, is always whining abt this colleague of hers.
Hey SHOW APPRECIATION!! It dun have to be a real FANCIFUL one but just a simple THANK YOU will do.
Same applies to a relationship.
Do not ever take one for granted.
I know I do, and always do.
Cos I'm living in denial, in deception.
Please get me out of this messed up, complicated world.

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