Monday, August 25, 2008


Was browsing through some old photos of mine and realised that I've aged!!
Same goes for the people and living organism around me.
We, the family, grew stronger after all our losses.
Stella told me that she'll sure cry on her wedding day.
This is due to the loss of my Dad which made the wedding not so complete.
She is the one who fought with my Dad no matter how big or small things are.
She is the one who is so daring to challenge my Dad in everything.

Thinking about what she said, me too had the same feelings.
I almost gave up my studies because of my dad.
I told myself that there's no point continuing without my Dad attending my convocation.
I seriously miss my Dad so much that I feel as though he's still around me.
I know that he must be feeling proud of her daughter after going through so much.
Managing my school and work at the same time.
Learning to pick myself up from all the pit holes and yada yada.

Found some old pics of Ody when he was abt 5mths old..

Shaun w Ody

Ody in car

Ody waiting for FOOD

Ody Now

Pebbles @ SKC

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