Friday, August 8, 2008


Are all men out for lust?
Been pondering over this question for quite some time.

To the men..
Have you asked a lady to hit the beach just because you want to see her in BIKINI?

To the women..
Have you been told or asked to hit the beach just because he wants to see you in BIKINI?

What are men thinking?
They will rather see other girls out there dressed sexily than you dressing in that?
Is it because you just don't have the assets or they just think that other guys are not supposed to ogle at you?
On the other hand, is it fair for them to ogle at women yet other guys aren't supposed to do the same?
Would you feel more confident if your girlfriend dresses well and have tonnes of suitors out there or otherwise?
Likewise, does guys know how to provide sense of security because this is the most important factor that women ask for.

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