Thursday, August 14, 2008


Can't believe that I'm such a blur sotong (another word for it is STUPID) yesterday.
I took the wrong bus twice in a day.
Once for lunch and the other back to Yishun.
I hate it when I have to rush from one place to another when I know that traffic is a total killer.
Spent $ on cabbing back when I'm so broke!

Next, brought Ody out for walks at like 0530 in the morning everyday.
Cats are just everywhere in my neighbourhood.
This is because of the number of Malays living around the area too.
The cats are just so damn irritating.
I've trained Ody to ignore them yet they are always trying to annoy him.
Whenever Ody saw cats, he'll walk away as thou he saw nothing.
Cats on the other hand, are always trying to challenge him!
One even followed all the way to my door step after Ody's morning walk.
Anyway, I hate STRAY CATS as they are just so irritating!!

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