Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shanghai III

over the weekends, we have had cleaned the fridge up and guess what i've found??
rotten chunks of meat and squid.
they stink the whole fridge up alright.
seriously, the cleaning they do is really superficial.
they only cleaned areas whereby eyes can see and ignored those that can be hidden behind doors.
and i was told to TRUST them, trust the photos i see.
and i conclude that, this is so much TRUST i should have.

next, i had lunch and i found a DAMN BIG worm lah.
i almost puked can.
why on earth am i here?
pls let me know.

next, i dun think i like my job that much already.
no matter how much i know, how much i do, i still wouldnt be in anyways 'shinning'
in this case, why should i stay?
i believe i will be able to look for a better job out there.
i totally envy those people who love their job loads.

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