Monday, November 10, 2008


Went for my 3rd driving lesson at SSDC.
I must say that it's freaking STRESSFUL being behind the WHEEL and I've totally regretted choosing MANUAL over AUTO.
Clutch, Brakes, Gear Shifting, Mirrors, Blind spots..
I totally hate it having to remember so many procedures before making a turn, stopping on target and yada yada..

On my way to prawning, saw a lying on the road, most likely being knocked down by the big truck.
We were travelling a lil too fast to stop to help so we proceeded.
Pray hard that the man survived.

Went to Pasir Ris for prawning and saw Stella and frens there but before I noticed them, I heard Ben SHOUTING my name at the top of his voice.
They caught like 9 prawns with 2 rods over 4 hrs whereas we caught 12 with one rod over 3 hours.. YEAH!! (just as we start prawning, most of the 'prawners' left leaving us with lesser competition)
As usual, Bear did the cooking of the prawn with butter, garlic and cheese in the oven.
Preparing what he needed and clearing up all the mess that he created.
I must say that he's a great cook!!
Nice buttery(oily) prawns for supper and all that were persent simply love it.

Prissy went to OBS today.
This means that I wouldnt see her for 5 days and I'll have my bed free from her on it. =)
Ody will have her bed with Chip & Dale attacked for 5 days.

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