Monday, May 26, 2008


Went fishing again..
Caught 2 acceptable size fishes..
Really proud of my fisherman BEAR..
Had one for dinner and its DELICIOUS!!

Brought Ody to the PMDR again..
He seriously enjoyed himself as usual.
Used the new shampoo that I bought on him and he smell YUMMILICIOUS!!

Watched the charity show in the evening before retiring for the day and realised that life is really very vulnerable.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow?
Really very much affected by it esp after the death of my dad and grandpa.
And to whoever who spammed my tag earlier, pls respect the dead and don't curse.. Will gladly appreciate that..
Who should have the right to take away one's life?
Who should judge one's character?
What are we living for?
Is our life destined to be what we are?
Just live to the fullest with no regrets..

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