Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 9 2007

Here's your Tarot Reading for OCTOBER 09, 2007.

be surprised at the number of fascinating people you'll meet today, dear Pamela!
The Chariot is creating quite a whirlwind in your social life, and the Sun
illuminates the many facets of your sparkling personality - no wonder people
find you attractive. Just a note of warning: don't get carried away with the
easy success of superficial encounters - take a genuine interest in the people
you meet, and develop sincere relationships. Channel your enthusiasms and
energies into something worthwhile. In your professional environment, you are
prone to confuse dynamism with haste. Driven by Strength and the Chariot, you're
making decisions in too much of a hurry and you're rushing around quite a lot.
Watch out therefore, as you are quite likely to commit errors of judgement. By
not looking where you're going but simply pushing ahead you may easily confuse
your own driveway with a motorway.

Thanks heaps my big brown bear.
Thanks for the surprise that made me tear.
I really appreciate what you'd done for me
Thanks for getting me part of ODY at the moment
Will be picking up Ody soon ya..
Soon you'll have ur tinkie alrite.
anyway, happy mthsary
love ya loads

P/S: Can you don't pamper me so much? =)

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